Op-Ed: Hamas apologists need to realize ‘that the free world stands with Israel’


In a editorial, Hoboken resident Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein gives his perspective on why Hamas apologists need to realize “that the free world stands with Israel.”

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein. Facebook photo.

Israel is at war. American Jews understand the existential struggle Israel faces. Indeed, since the attacks of 911 much of America has understood that the enemies of civilization are those who seek first and foremost to mass murder civilians.

The brutal attack by Hamas last weekend, an invasion by land, sea, and air was doomed fail to take territory but had as its goal the murder of as many Jews as possible. Over 1,300 lives to date have been taken and thousands more are injured.

Hundreds of Israeli civilians including elderly, men, women, and children were torn from their homes, concerts, supermarkets, and cars and shot in the street, raped, or kidnapped for no other reason than they are Jewish.

Thousands of rockets were indiscriminately launched at Israel not because Hamas was protesting for independence, they already have total control of Gaza (from which they launched their killing spree), but because they wanted to murder as many Jews as possible.

The terrorists of Hamas did not target military bases, nor did they attempt to take political control of any area nor expand their territory – they sought only destruction and murder.

Israel does not need American troops, too many American sons and daughters have already died fighting other people’s wars across the globe, and in less than 48 hours 300,000 Israeli military reservists reported for duty ready to ensure a massacre of civilians like this can never happen again.

But the Jewish state, the only democracy in the Middle East, does need the support of the American people.

As Israel mobilizes to take the battle to Hamas, the usual pseudo-intellectual suspects in the media have attempted to paint Israel as the aggressor.

As the war is brought to Hamas’s doorstep this will increase. Every hospital, school, mosque, and other building that Hamas uses to launch rockets, holds hostages, and as firing positions will be destroyed by the Israeli Army.

The Hamas apologists will attack Israel for defending itself while simultaneously remaining silent about Hamas using those sites and their own people as human shields.

In the coming days, weeks, and months the Jewish state needs the aid of the American public to tell the media it is not okay to blame the victim and to tell the Hamas apologists around the globe that the free world stands with Israel.

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      • What are you, like 12? Pathetic wannabe politician who can’t seem to get elected to anything. Committeeperson doesn’t count. Especially a republican in Hudson County.

        Meanwhile , “one who speaks or writes in defense of a faith, cause, or institution”. I don’t see any worthwhile people defending terrorists. Well, except Trump supporters. But that’s domestic.

          • Nothing better than the cognitive dissonance a leftist faces when they realizes that they are the ones surrounded by nazis. I very much doubt the ones with the palestinan flags and swastikas on their phones rallying in NYC voted for trump, for biden though….

    • You’re devotion to defending the grotesque anti-American, Jew-hating Demoncrats is not entertaining anymore. You’re worse than a dummy. If you were only a dummy and not an apologist for the Hamas-loving terrorist apologists.

      Joshua is correct and you’re an a$$hole.

    • While we await you to confirm a fact, something you will never do; try not to send all the Jews to a glue factory or other death sentence, MSDNC-Hamas backer.