LETTER: Bayonne needs to do the right thing and remove 9/11 Tear Drop Memorial


In a letter to the editor, Bayonne resident Gail Godesky gives her take on why Bayonne needs to do the right thing and remove the 9/11 Tear Drop Memorial that bears Russian President Vladimir Putin’s name.

Photo via amusingplanet.com.

Dear Editor,

I would not have believed it if I didn’t hear it and see it. News 12 New Jersey had Mr. Davis on the news the day the 9/11 monument was placed in front of City Hall.

He was asked about the teardrop monument located at the base of the military ocean terminal which was presented to the city of BAYONNE by the people of Russia. Repeat, by the people of Russia. However it was signed in two places by Putin.

In due course Putin‘s name was blacked out by I guess you would call it electrical tape or duct tape because of the atrocities taking place in Ukraine. The monument stands for strength against terrorism. How ironic.

I am not quoting I am paraphrasing but Mr. Davis said that if Putin changed his ways and did right by the people of Ukraine things might be different in the future.

Excuse me, he has committed genocide, destroyed cities and villages and blew up children and their mothers. His soldiers have burned bodies and tortured so many.

Not only has this happened in Ukraine but because of the need for Power he will continue this until the day he dies. Yet, Mr. Davis thinks that Putin will change his ways and do right by Ukraine?

Has he seen the news and the pictures? Something needs to be done about this monument. Mr. Putin’s country was removed from the human rights council of the United Nations and we should remove and or change this monument.

It is no longer a dignified place for those that gave their lives on that terrible day.

In my opinion, I believe that Mr. Putin‘s name and signature needs to be permanently removed from the monument in order to reinstate the dignity of those that lost their lives on September 11.

Further, The monument that was placed in front of our City Hall in my opinion should not be there. It should be in a beautiful setting in a park which we have so many of so all of BAYONNE can enjoy and reflect on that day.

The monument was placed in front of a place where a huge generator is going to be sitting in the near future to serve City Hall in case of emergencies, etc. Why didn’t the people of BAYONNE have a say in where the monument should have been placed?

All the other monuments that are in and around our city in honor of those that served were placed in areas where their family members and others had a voice.

We are residents and we have the right to voice our opinions and provide suggestions without condemnation or ridicule Prior to decisions being made. Repeat, prior to decisions being made relating to our city.

There should be a committee formed to discuss both issues and the priority should be the teardrop monument.

The words to struggle against terrorism from an individual who continues to do harm in a terroristic manner should not be part of BAYONNE‘s history. We need to change it NOW.

Yes it is beautiful but at the same time it reminds us of the atrocities and genocide that Ukraine and other countries have encountered because of Putin‘s need for Power.

Bayonne is better and should be better than this and that.

Gail P. Godesky
Bayonne resident

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  1. As a 4th generation Hudson County Ukrainian Catholic and Polish Catholic American, who by grace of God has no family living there now there and suffering (the last died of natural causes in the 1950s), covering Putin’s filthy name is sufficient. The artist himself was a truly fine and decent man, and it was a gift in good faith at the time.

    • Mr. Lucy, I had nothing against the artist as my letter states. What I’m suggesting is Putin‘s name be totally removed. Please reread it and you’ll understand I said it was from the people of Russia not from Putin he should’ve never signed it and I repeated it was from the people of Russia who are not being told the truth. My apologies if you miss Understood my letter

  2. What a bunch of propaganda.
    A gift from the people of Russia is a beautiful gesture.
    Just like NY’ers to want to Remove Monuments!
    The disgrace is to those who wish to do so….further more what other countries sent a gift ????
    No one is sympathetic to ANY Dictator….. smh

  3. Are you seriously suggesting getting rid of one of the only symbols of friendship that we have left with the people of Russia? New Jersey is in a state of decadent decay with a lumbering population having essentially no will to thrive and your priority lies on fear mongering about Russian aggression. So instead of pushing forward an agenda for proper development you write a hit piece on a country which we previously had no beef with, seriously?

    You threw alot of accusations there which you yourself can’t even prove all while pretending to care about the Ukrainian people and while you virtue signal about the villainous aspect of putin there is no mention about Zelensky who banned all elections and essentially silenced opposition media in the country. But sure, Russia is the bad guy here soo scary