Op-Ed: Bhalla admin has routinely ‘misused & abused its authority’ and shouldn’t be rewarded


In an editorial, Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein outlines why he feels the Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla administration has routinely “misused and abused its authority” and therefore shouldn’t be rewarded on Election Day.

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein. Facebook photo.

That the Bhalla administration and team has misused and abused its authority for four long years is of little surprise as from its inception it has been rooted in moral corruption.

Though some pretend otherwise, the failures of the Bhalla Team are post-partisan. Their betrayal of the public trust is beyond the binaries of left and right or Democrat and Republican.

From Bhalla’s election as mayor four years ago off the back of the racist flier which painted his then main mayoral opponent (Councilman DeFusco) as a bigot, the political endeavor known as Team Bhalla has been a post-ethical cesspool.

Bhalla and his team’s unwillingness to join with DeFusco in jointly condemning the flier which intentionally made DeFusco look xenophobic should have foretold the divisive politics that would follow.

Even were one to set aside the long established principle of qui bono (that he who benefits had motive) regarding the flier which allowed Bhalla to cross the mayoral finish line by playing victim, there is no scarcity of moral failings in the Bhalla Team.

From their cartoonish chest beating over Bhalla’s Zero Vision program to eliminate vehicular caused deaths in perpetuity (which is both unopposable and impossible) to his mortgaging of Hoboken’s future by swiping the charge card on so much spending; from the mismanagement which results in parks that cost over 100 million dollars to the lack of traffic enforcement for bicyclists who ride though stop signs and red lights (and duck and weave between the sidewalk and street) with impunity and more; Bhalla and his political retainers running beneath him for council have been an unmitigated disaster.

Of course, this is not to mention the perennial issues that transcend administration and councils, but which Bhalla and his retainers have made worse or merely neglected – using the parking authority to pad the municipal budget, flooding during regular rains, and the ever increasing cost of living driven in part by the hidden taxes they love to implement.

But on the topic of moral corruption, let us remember that it was the Bhalla administration and its council supporters that thought requiring a developer to donate to their chosen non-profits in exchange for changing the area redevelopment plan was acceptable.

Fortunately, a judge correctly pointed out that the deal struck by Team Bhalla was a “blatant quid pro quo” that would “create an unacceptable possibility for abuse and fraud.”

Let us remember that it is Team Bhalla that has not once budgeted nor put money away for the 2 million dollars a year upkeep fee on the Rebuild By Design hurricane flooding prevention project for which there are no state nor federal funds.

Lest we have forgotten, Team Bhalla has never said a word about Mayor Bhalla’s second job when the Mayor of Hoboken should be a full time job.

Neither should we forget who has perpetuated the war on cars, putting some people’s wants over other’s needs and hurting residents who require a car for work or to drive elderly or young family members.

It is Team Bhalla eliminating parking spots with bike racks, such as in front of City Hall, that could easily be on wide sidewalks.

It was Bhalla, with his team’s support, who abused the Nixle emergency alert system to mass text thousands with what was de facto campaigning using taxpayer dollars.

It is the Bhalla Team that has slow rolled city services by keeping City Hall only theoretically open even after almost all city employees were vaccinated and every other facet of society has learned to adapt to Covid times.

It was Bhalla and his political loyalists who attempted to institute an illegal curfew which prohibited anyone being outside between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. early during Covid before being forced to walk back the unlawful declaration for which they had no authority.

Finally, let none forget that it was Team Bhalla who offered a sitting city councilwoman, elected four years ago with his opposition, a job running a new municipal division created just for her.

Many understand this to be a contravention of state law and assume it to be a buy-off, but even in the best case scenario, merely giving the appearance of buying off a potential opposition candidate is a horrible precedent for those concerned with good governance.

For these reasons (and many more), both policy failures and moral corruptions, Hoboken residents should not vote for the Bhalla Team in this election.

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  1. Seriously? This op-ed on the “misuse and abuse of authority” is written by a (now irrelevant) disgraceful man who was not only accused but admitted to using his political affiliation to emotionally abuse women in an effort to obtain sex? Yes, please tell us more about morals.

    Just the latest example of the courage it takes to be a keyboard warrior shouting for change but not stepping up.

    • One of the more ridiculous “op-ed” pieces I’ve ever read. If I was on the fence about my vote would have swayed me in the opposite direction of what the author wanted me to go. He just may be the mayor’s biggest asset if he keeps opening his mouth

    • The truth hurts don’t it and it’s particularly interesting how you fail to mention anything about how Ravi Bhalla repeatedly attempted to sell out Hoboken to big development deals like a 30 story tower out of character here.

      You defaulted to the defamatory personal attack and neglect the shady development deals Ravi Bhalla keeps trying to shovel through but an independent City Council stopped him each time.

      Ravi tried to hoard the windfall of federal dollars descended on Hoboken and the City Council had to break his arm to return a small portion back to the Hoboken taxpayers.

      Ravi’s no. 1 objective is enriching himself and his big development pals. It’s all about the payoff from the investment in the Ravi Terror Flier. How Jim Doyle returns for more of this I don’t know.

      • Joshua admitted to doing exactly what the poster said above. That is not defamation. It just means he has a lousy character and everyone knows it. Except you apparently.

        On the other hand repeatedly insisting someone is guilty of a crime for which you have no proof is defamation.

        False posts, comments, statuses, and profiles on social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter used to harass individuals and businesses.
        Fake online reviews and ratings posted to consumer review websites such as Yelp and Google that do not reflect a genuine experience of a customer;
        False shaming posts and reports on cheater and shaming websites accusing individuals of infidelity, predatory behavior, or having committed a crime;
        Factually incorrect information, write-ups, and identifications in news articles and media publications.

        YOU are guilty of defamation almost every day. Look it up.

          • the question raised was where does someone with josh’s track record get off being the ethics czar. it’s a fair question.

            then you brought up defamation. no one else did. you did. so people were answering you. you then proceeded to illustrate that you have no idea what defamation means.

            failing memory and repetitive pointless ranting just comes with the territory, gramps. have some more prunes.

          • You can’t address Ravi’s weaker foundation on any issue especially the most important to STRONGER FOUNDATIONS!

          • you aren’t addressing anything in the editorial or any comment but your own completely incongruous comments. but you are complaining that no one isn’t participating in your delusions. why don’t you try taking a nap and having some stewed peas and see if you feel better later. the nurse has put matlock on tv for you.

    • Your foundation is weak. You fail to discuss the correct foundation. You failed to address any issue and the in plain sight link to Ravi’s big development ties. Try stronger foundations and you’ll at least have a clue.

    • Your foundation is weak and fails to speak to the central issue(s). Special interest big development loves Ravi. He really tries to pay them off but an independent City Council won’t let him sell Hoboken out. If only Ravi had stronger foundations everywhere. Imagine.

      • One day Josh and the Lyme Jockey hope to move into a nicer basement and walk better dogs for a living. Thanks to their minimal income, they don’t pay taxes. But they love talking about taxes as though they did paid them instead of depending on other people paying them.

  2. My man, you are a professional dog Walker who is overweight and essentially bragged about coercing/forcing a girl to sleep with you.

    I think it is probably best for you to just crawl back into the hole you came from. Your additions to society are few and far between.

    Not to mention you got outplayed by Joe Branco. That in itself is sad.

  3. josh is super-qualified to discuss abuse of position from personal experience.

    “I convinced this one really dumb bird I was totally emotionally abusing that it was her idea to have sex in the courtyard, roof, and gym bathroom of my old building,” Einstein wrote in a series of texts written in 2018. “It was my idea. And yes, I was a horrid person. I had her thinking we were dating.”


    who knows, maybe one day josh will get a job and move out of his mom’s basement and have new revelations to share.

  4. Josh’s expert misuse of the English language has cemented his status as the heir apparent of Peter “Perry” Belfiore only without the wonderful hair.

    Much like his spiritual mentor a few days ago, Josh has forgotten to share with us who he is actually for, seemingly unaware that “Bhalla team no” is not a ballot choice.

    I really wish that Josh hadn’t followed in Councilwoman Fisher’s footsteps in hectoring from the sidelines without the courage to step up and run. You would have thought his hard fought battle with Joe Branch would have left him battle tested and ready for the bigger fight ahead. Bhalla and his team must have been pretty relieved when Josh decided to pass on this race and focus on his high stakes court battle with Branco.

    • Notice how these Ravi operatives all go for personal attacks and don’t even attempt to address the issues about how Hoboken is being sold out to big development? Ravi doesn’t hold the line in Hoboken like Dawn Zimmer so much as to ask, “What’s in it for me?”

  5. “From Bhalla’s election as mayor four years ago off the back of the racist flier which painted his then main mayoral opponent (Councilman DeFusco) as a bigot, the political endeavor known as Team Bhalla has been a post-ethical cesspool.”

    This implies the flyer was done by “Team Bhalla”. What is your evidence of that, Josh? The matter has been looked at by local police, country and state investigators, FBI and Secret Service, and none of them found any evidence of that. What’s your evidence, Josh. Tell us. Unless, of course, this is just total BS.

    “Bhalla and his team’s unwillingness to join with DeFusco in jointly condemning the flier which intentionally made DeFusco look xenophobic should have foretold the divisive politics that would follow.”

    This is categorically untruth, a lie. The mayor has made multiple statements condemning the flyer and the need to get to the bottom of it, what are you talking about, Josh? Tell us.

    Why all the lying, Josh? Tell us. Sounds like you are trying to mislead people. A big phony, just like all the other anti-administration trolls.

    • Who says the matter has been looked into? There’s been no similar investigation like in Edison, NJ where that flier turned out to be an inside job. Ravi Bhalla doesn’t want to talk about this although the City Council requested attention and an actual State of NJ investigation. It hasn’t happened and no one should suggest that Ravi’s buddy as state AG had anything to do with it.

      When Ravi was asked to unite to identify the origin of the terror flier he flat out refused. I saw it and many other people saw him do exactly that at his last City Council appearance. Fact.

      A lot of people know all about the underlying weakness and the efforts with that Hoboken terror flier. The people of Hoboken deserve an actual investigation into the terror flier. I would love to see Ravi and his people take a lie detector. I know without a doubt they would fail. Almost everyone in City Hall knows it. A hate crime was committed and the crime was against the people of Hoboken. Ravi needs to see justice for it. Hoboken demands it.

      Some people will be shocked. Others will say, we’ve been waiting all along.

      • Another night at home in the basement for the happy unemployed couple eatin’ SpaghettiOs drinkin’ chocolate milk watchin’ Fox News and believin’ people care what they say.

      • The matter has been looked at by local police, country and state investigators, FBI and Secret Service, and none of them found any evidence of of who was behind it. What’s your evidence? You have none. There is none.

        • Show us the investigation into the inside flier in Edison, NJ and Hoboken.

          If I and many others have evidence, why doesn’t NJ law enforcement do their job?

          Your foundation is weak and limp, in the extreme. We know Ravi’s stronger foundations.

          • Bring your evidence to NJ law enforcement. Have your “many others” bring their evidence to NJ law enforcement. What are you waiting for? Put your money where your mouth is, walk the walk. Do it.

          • On your planet it’s law enforcement’s job to guess who has evidence. Since they didn’t guess you have all the proof necessary to convict Bhalla, you’ll just blog about it all day every day but not do anything.

            I sincerely hope you’re the dumbest person in your family. No one should be worse off than you.

          • Everyone knows who had the evidence. Some are hiding behind lawyers. They’ve been hiding since 2017. Ravi appreciates it. Or his ass would be grass.

            You can’t win with your weak foundation. You have to get stronger foundations. Get stronger foundations!