North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue Board swears in Jose Munoz


The North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue Board swore in former Freeholder Jose Munoz at a meeting at Union City City Hall Monday afternoon.


Munoz, who served as the District 7 Freeholder (West New York, Weehawken) from 2007 through 2014, was sworn in as a board member today in a brief ceremony – for a meeting that lasted less than five minutes.

He declined to comment on the board appointment after the meeting.

As Hudson County View first reported, Munoz, a longtime political nemesis of West New York Felix Roque, was appointed to the post after a unanimous vote by the town’s board of commissioners last month.

After the April 21st meeting, Roque said ““[It’s] very simple: I look at the big picture. I concentrate on what’s important and what’s important is this town. He cares about this town. So, we both had different opinions, now we’re actually coming together, like many people out there: we’re thinking about the better good.”

Munoz, in an email, responded at the time:

“I look forward to working with Mayor Roque on issues that are important to the residents of our town. It is important to move West New York forward.”

Munoz, a key witness in a federal hacking trial against Roque, saw the mayor acquitted of all charges in October 2013.

In January, the Town of West New York settled a superior court lawsuit between Roque and Munoz for an undisclosed amount.

Sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity at the time, said the settlement “wasn’t a substantial figure” and was” well under a $100,000.”

Then in March, Munoz was one of several old Roque enemies who attended the mayor’s fundraiser at La Reggia in Secaucus.

Munoz now joins Union City Building Code Official Marty Martinetti, North Bergen Business Administrator Chris Pianese, Guttenberg Councilman John Habermann and Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner (the chairman) on the board.

Each member receives a $5,000 stipend to sit on the board.

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  1. Jose Munoz sold his soul and Got a Big Roque Check a few weeks ago in a settlement no one knows the details now he is a Roque Puppet. What a Loser…Jose Munoz was it worth it to sell out?

  2. Where is Jose Munoz when you need him. Cheng will vote for David Morell tomorrow to be appointed to the school board. That’s the deal Munoz cut. Roque and Cosmo have already threatened the board member to vote for Moell. Tomorrow will be the big squeeze at the school board. Silvio and Diaz will be the hench men forcing all the members to vote for Morell and the Feds should attend this meeting and ask them how they were threatened. Munoz was forced to go the Feds by Muniz now diaz is running the town from the pain center. Wait till the lunch scandal comes out how the commissioner falsified his her application to get FREE LUNCHES and these are the people that are running the town. You have to SLAP Vargas to get to him shut up wait till he gets FIRED from his jobs.