North Bergen woman pleads for public’s help to save lifelong possessions


A North Bergen senior citizen is seeking the public’s help to save her lifelong possessions that would potentially go up to auction tomorrow afternoon if she cannot raise $900.

Lynn Earley. Photo via GoFundMe.
Lynn Earley. Photo via GoFundMe.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Lynn Earley, who lives on social security, was evicted from her First Avenue home back in May of last year, after the property was foreclosed on by a residential mortgage company.

While she did not receive any relocation money, she got put into a senior housing building that week and stored a significant portion of her possessions in three separate storage units.

As she explained in detail on her GoFundMe page, Earley is now relying on the generosity of her community to help maintain her remaining belongings – one storage unit was auctioned off on December 21.

“On Wednesday January 18th, the other 2 units are going up for auction. I need to raise $900 …$450 Tuesday January 17th. The other $300, I will use to pay a mover, to empty out one unit, and bring the items here,” she wrote.

“That way I will only have one unit, which I can afford. I’m not happy coming on this site, to ask for help. I’ve always been self sufficient, in life…and always find myself helping others, whenever possible.”

Earley told Hudson County View this afternoon that the first unit contained a number of items that had deep sentimental value, such as china her mother gave her, while the final two units “contain everything I own practically.”

In order to stop the auction, which Earley said is scheduled for 1 p.m. tomorrow, she would have to pay the CubeSmart, the self-storage company, $900 by 10 a.m.

Earley, who also wrote that she “marvels at the compassion and generosity of the people in this world,” has raised $295 of her $1,200 goal in the past six days.