North Bergen police officer performs ‘Wiggle Dance’ with young students


While school isn’t currently in session, that didn’t stop North Bergen Police Officer Omi Devers from performing the “Wiggle Dance” with dozens of young students last week.

“NB Police Officer having fun with school kids…The Wiggle Dance #WiggleDanceChallege #Wiggledance #beberlyandbradley #beberlydevers #NBPD #NorthBergen #HudsonCounty #NJ #Police,” Devers wrote on his Facebook page Thursday morning.

The roughly two-minute video features the local cop dancing to “I Wanna Fly (Wiggle Dance) by Beberly & Bradley – a brother and sister musical duo that are both under 10 years old.

Both the law enforcement officer and the majority of the students seem to have the dance moves down pat.

Check out their performance in the Facebook video embedded above.

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