North Bergen DPW trial: Who is the ‘golden goose’ of North Bergen?


In a memo sent to state Attorney General’s Office Det. Garrett Brown, former North Bergen Department of Public Works Superintendent James Wiley said “if you want the golden goose,” DPW Commissioner Frank Gargiulo “can make it happen” and the criminal defense team wanted to know who was he referring to at the time.


Brian Neary, the lawyer representing North Bergen DPW Supervisor Troy Bunero, then referred to a memo Wiley faxed to Brown on March 19, 2014, regarding Commissioner Frank Gargiulo – the elected official that oversees the NB DPW.

“Gentleman, he is ready to break if you force the issue. He could break the township wide open,” said Wiley, reading a portion of the memo to the courtroom.

Wiley agreed that he was communicating with the state AG’s Office as part of his plea agreement, but also noted he wanted to clean up the “corruption” in the Department of Public Works.

“He will have diarrhea of the mouth. If you want the golden goose, he can make it happen,” Neary said, reading another portion of the same memo.

Despite the wording, Wiley insisted that Gargiulo was the “golden goose” he was referring to.

“So, the golden goose is Frank Gargiulo?” Neary asked. “Frank Gargiulo,” Wiley responded before the question was completed.

Paul Faugno, NB DPW Supervisor Francis Longo’s attorney in the case, found it hard to believe that Wiley was referring to Gargiulo in the aforementioned memo, asking point-blank if he was really alluding to North Bergen Mayor/state Senator (D-32) Nick Sacco.

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