New video shows Union City DPW truck hitting cars before overturning on Route 495


A new video has surfaced showing a Union City Department of Public Works truck hitting cars and going off the road before overturning on Route 495 last week.

The new video, which was obtained by East Coast Private Investigations, shows the truck hitting a white car from behind before going onto the sidewalk and driving through a fence.

The video captures when the car goes off the overpass and lands below on Route 495 West, but only from a distance for a few moments.

The 30-second clip, which appears to have been shot on a cell phone, may have originally aired on a Spanish language news broadcast based on a few seconds of a voiceover heard in the video.

On Wednesday, a dozen people were injured when the truck flipped over onto Route 495 after crashing through a fence on Palisade Avenue.

Shockingly, 11 of the 12 people injured were released from local hospitals by Friday and the driver, Eulalio Diaz, has said he’s lucky to be alive after the breaks in the truck failed.