New Jersey City outpatient facility seeking to help those battling with substance abuse


A New Jersey City outpatient facility in Journal Square is seeking to help those battling with substance abuse, boasting a number of treatment options including dialectical, cognitive behavioral, and holistic treatments.

“We are PHP, IOP and OP, and for those of you that don’t know, those are services for treatment with or those with co-occurring disorders or substance use primarily as the issue,” Garden Heights Clinical Director David Freeman said in an interview.

“It is partial hospitalization which is [a] five days a week program, IOP which ranges from anyone from five to three days a week and OP services, which are two days or less.”

The facility, located as Suite 1202 of 26 Journal Square, has been open since February and was able to do so through their parent company Niznik Behavioral Health, a well-known Florida-based organization focused on leading drug and alcohol rehab addiction treatment services.

Despite only having two full-time employees at this time, Freeman is confident that the programs offered at Garden Heights will allow the facility to expand quickly.

“Garden Heights is unique in that we not only talk about being client centered, we offer client-centered services that are custom tailored to the individuals that are attending our facility,” he said.

“… We accommodate client’s schedules, the many things that are sort of required, that they need to do to rebuild their lives and begin to sort of participate again after they get destroyed by substance [abuse].”

Furthermore, Freeman explained that the facility has the ability to prescribe a psychotropic medication, in additionally to medically assisted treatments: he indicated that one thing that makes their facility unique is accepting patients that are already taking prescribed medications.

As part of their efforts to raise awareness about substance addiction and treatment, Garden Heights plans to host a panel discussion with health industry experts in September.

Anyone seeking immediate help or care can reach them at 1-855-300-2011 or check out their website.

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