Nephew of Bayonne’s Mary Jane and Pat Desmond speaks at DNC


Philadelphia social worker Thaddeus Desmond, the nephew of Bayonne’s Mary Jane and Pat Desmond, briefly spoke at the Democratic National Convention last night, calling Hillary Clinton “a lifelong champion for kids in need.”


“In her early 20s, Hillary Clinton spent time at the Yale New Haven Hospital researching child abuse. She saw children who had been beaten, burned, and neglected,” Thaddeus Desmond, 28, said in a brief speech that lasted about a minute.

“The experience turned her into a lifelong champion for kids in need. I know from my own life how important that work is.”

Thaddeus works for the Support Center for Child Advocates in Philadelphia, helping abused or neglected children.

His own parents struggled with drug addiction so at age 6, Thaddeus’ social worker, Kathy Desmond, adopted him (h/t

“My decision to become a child advocate social worker was influenced by my own social worker. She was so committed to my future that she not only advocated for me — she adopted me,” he recalled.

“Today, I proudly call her mom. Every kid deserves an advocate who truly cares for them, and they have one in Hillary Clinton. Hillary knows that when you fight for our kids, you’re fighting for our future. That’s why I’m with her.”

Thaddeus was one of seven speakers who touted Clinton’s child advocacy track record. He was the first speaker to take the stage in the embedded YouTube clip about 10 seconds into the video.

“My nephew Tad is a great guy who dedicates his life to helping others, we are extremely proud of him and I want him to know how proud his grandparents would be,” Pat Desmond told Hudson County View in a text message.

“You should be proud of yourself, helping those less fortunate. Keep up the good work.”

Clinton, now officially the Democratic presidential nominee, is on track for a November 8 general election showdown with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

On the local level, Mary Jane Desmond is currently seeking re-election on the Bayonne Board of Education, while her brother, Pat Desmond, is leading a recall against Mayor Jimmy Davis – a childhood friend.

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