Guttenberg mulling alternate street parking, resident parking 7 days a week


The Town of Guttenberg is considering implementing alternate street parking to make street sweeping more efficient, as well as putting resident parking in effect seven days a week. Sponsored content.


“Two big projects that we’re talking about and getting ready to implement in town to try and help with the parking for residents. Alternate side street parking, which would enable us to be able to do the street sweeping more efficiently than we do,” explained Guttenberg Mayor Gerald Drasheff.

“We’re gonna line the streets of Bergenline Avenue, we’re gonna try that, we’re trying to squeeze every space we can out of our limited parking.”

Despite being just eight blocks long, Guttenberg is extremely densely populated, home to at least 15,000 North Hudson residents.

The second initiative hoping to make parking more manageable is by enforcing resident parking seven days a week, as opposed to just Monday through Friday.

“Right now, we have resident parking five days a week … we are looking at making the resident parking seven days a week. Most of our residents seem favorable towards that and we’ll probably start that after Labor Day.”

Drasheff said the town is also considering adding parking meters on John F. Kennedy Boulevard East, another measure he feels would make parking easier on weekends for both residents and business owners alike.

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  1. As a guttenberg resident i think it is absurd that i have to pay for a parking permit and have no where to park when i get home to make matters worse i get ticketed often and the very last time i HAD to go to court as paying was not just an option wasted 5 hours of my time for evening court where is my tax payer money going towards exactly if there isnt enough parking space and we are overly populated we should not be forced to have these permits and FORCED to court its unfair that people are handing out tickets at 5 -6 am its ridiculous perhaps now that you realize parking is a serious issue in this area ticketing would be WAVED