Murphy says DeGise hit-and-run ‘is behavior that’s unacceptable,’ doesn’t call for resignation


Gov. Phil Murphy said Jersey City Councilwoman-at-Large Amy DeGise’s hit-and-run “is behavior that’s unacceptable,” but stopped short of calling for her resignation.

“That was clearly was uh … I saw the video over the weekend and that’s unacceptable … I’ll leave the actual politics to the local realities but that behavior is unacceptable,” Murphy said at a media scrum after a Portal North Bridge groundbreaking in Kearny.

When another reporter followed up by asking if he felt she should be held accountable, Murphy repeated himself: “that behavior is unacceptable.”

DeGise received two summonses for a July 19th incident where she hit UberEats driver Andy Black around 8 a.m. near the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Forrest Street after he had gone through a red light, CCTV footage shows.

Video from the scene also reveals that she did not stop or hit the brakes.

On Friday, she indicated through a spokesman that she had no plans to resign a short time after a video of her reporting the crash at the West District Police Station – around 2 p.m. on the same day – had been released to the press by the city.

An unrelated video from November that shows DeGise, then the chair of the county Democrats and a councilwoman-elect, unsuccessfully trying to talk her way out of getting her car towed in Hoboken, as HCV first reported, has gone viral.

The first rally calling for her resignation was held on Saturday and this far the only electeds calling for her resignation are two of her colleagues that did not run on Mayor Steven Fulop’s ticket last year: Councilmen James Solomon and Frank Gilmore.

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  1. I’m not sure what “I’ll leave the actual politics to the local realities” is supposed to mean but Murphy ought to be calling for her prosecution not ducking questions about her resignation because of the “political reality” that she’s Tom DeGise’s daughter. Leaving the scene of an accident in which someone was injured is a 3rd degree felony in New Jersey, not just a traffic violation. That’s what politically unprotected folks would be charged with under these circumstances.

    • It means that Amy will not be held to account and no prosecution will occur which Murphy is perfectly fine with as they are all part of the same Democrat family.

      No arrest, hit and run Amy: guilty as hell, free as a bird.

      There’s two tiers of justice and we are following HudCo justice for our own.

  2. The Governor and the Mayor have eyes on bigger prizes – this stuff is a nuisance to them; ignore it and it will go away. We, the voters, need to hold them accountable for not taking a principled stance.

  3. John, any feedback from LE on this? Based on the video and her admission, what can she be charged with? A lot of people are saying lock her up and all that. But stripping away the emotions – what kind of charges should we expect. I’m frankly stunned she hasn’t been charged already if she hasn’t.

    • No feedback from law enforcement yet, but leaving the scene of an incident where a minor injury is caused can include a fine of between $2,500 and $5,000, loss of license for a year, and up to 180 days in prison, according to state law.

  4. Take the fight to the governor (running for president?). Murphy owns a soccer team called Gotham FC that plays at Red Bull Arena. One of his co-owners is Sue Bird, the Olympic basketball star who’s married to Megan Rapinoe. They’re probably appalled at this.

    • This does not really have anything to do with Murphy. So your boycott proposal is a wee bit dumb unless you were just trying to show that you know Murphy owns a soccer team with Sue Bird and that Ms Bird and Ms Rapinoe are married.

      A little free advice: Saying stupid things to show how smart you are makes you look stupid not smart.

  5. Governor Murphy, shame on you! Unacceptable behavior she should’ve been arrested like everybody else if they did the same thing. No one is above the law no one! Shame on you! I’m sorry I voted for you. And she should resign gracefully because she was wrong

    • You are wrong. Aren’t you paying attention? There are two tiers of justice. Democrats have worked hard to create it. Show it respect. Amy is untouchable. You can’t lay a finger on her.

  6. I don’t care who the lady is she broke the Law and hit someone with her car took off she needs to go to jail In that man needs to sue the city but he’s probably already been paid off by governor for hush-hush but I hope she loses her job because that’s bullshit