Murphy blisters Trump over 37-count indictment: ‘It takes my breath away’


Gov. Phil Murphy (D) blistered former President Donald Trump (R) related to his handling of classified documents: “It takes my breath away.”

“It takes your breath away, I say as a former U.S. ambassador. I don’t know who else has to sign this but I know everybody in the state department, you have to sign before you go to post, that you admit that you allowed classified documents to get outside of a classified space,” Murphy said at a media scrum after a ribbon cutting in Hoboken.

” … He’s got lots of legal issues, but this is apparently, based on the 37 charges, this is potentially putting our national security at risk. It takes my breath away … In addition to being a bad thing, it’s unfathomable that somebody would do it.”

On Friday, Trump was hit with his second indictment in about three months, the bulk of which accusing him of “willfully retaining national defense information under the Espionage Act.”

In the 49-page indictment, federal prosecutors assert that Trump showed off classified military documents to a handful of people who did not have security clearance to view them, as well as that he stores the documents in his bathroom.

“As president, I could have declassified it. Now I can’t, you know, but this is still a secret,” he allegedly said at his Bedminister golf course in July 2021.

He is also accused of saying “I don’t want anyone looking through my boxes” in May 2022 and then telling one of his lawyers the next month to “pluck it out” if he found “anything really bad” in a folder that had been sealed with duct tape.

Trump is scheduling to be arraigned in a Miami federal court tomorrow, though that court proceeding may be pushed since he has had trouble finding a lawyer to represent him. The hearing will be delayed if Trump does not have legal counsel.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump indicated that he has no plans to give up his bid for another term as president and went as far as to say he will go after President Joe Biden (D) and his family if he defeats him in November 2024.

“Now that the ‘seal’ is broken, in addition to closing the border & removing all of the ‘criminal’ elements that have illegally invaded our country, making America energy independent, & even dominant again, & immediately ending the war between Russia & Ukraine, I will appoint a real special ‘prosecutor’ to go after the most corrupt president in the history of the USA, Joe Biden, the entire Biden crime family, & all others involved with the destruction of our elections, borders, & country itself!”

Political allies and supporters have indicated that they plan to hold a rally at the courthouse tomorrow, with some indicting they’ll be heavily armed and “want blood,” as VICE reported.


News correspondent Daniel Ulloa contributed to this report.

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  1. The non-stop Beria action from the Russia Collusion Hoax to the obvious sham impeachments, the illegal Obama spying and now the political prosecution to take out the top electoral threat certainly does take Americans’ breath away.

    Murphy always playing to the leftist gutter. Murphy, you never had declassification authority. You’re not (and will never be) US President. Neither did Joe Biden but he has managed to illegally cart off with classified documents as VP AND as a US Senator. The charges? Nothing!

    Beyond the reams of illegally acquired classified docs (who does he think he is, Hillary?) puppet Biden gets further exposed for the millions he’s pocketed from a Moscow oligarch pal of Putin and many millions more from the ChiComs.

    Now add $10 million from Burisma which Joe Biden paid off by getting Ukraine’s AG equivalent fired. Then Joe Biden was so proud of his corruption he then bragged about it on camera!

    It’s been seen millions of times but most of the media is so disinterested:–dj2-CY

    Murphy have anything to say about it? Of course not. CORRUPT!

  2. No one is above the law. The only authority that can prosecute an ex president is the Justice Department. As former Trump AG Barr said: “ if half the charges against Trump are true, Trump is toast.” (Like your false equivalent talking points.)

    • No one is above the law except Obama, the Biden Crime Family, Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, and the Deep State Demoncrats. The rest of America, brace for Stalinist impact. Don’t talk about those Biden bribe tapes. Follow orders.

  3. The local Hoboken Red Shirt Proud Boys Are clueless losers that tarnish entire rooms they enter, any candidate that allows these Pawns of Trumps party are accessories to Trump hate

    • Guys gotta accept the election results and realize its Biden destroying the country now. Hope you enjoy double digit inflation and soaring rents.

  4. Sen. Ted Cruz asked a senior FBI official if they have the 17 recordings from the Burisma executive who made the two $5 million bribes, one to to Hunter and another to Joe Biden. He couldn’t get an answer to the question and noted how the Democrats and media are silent about it.

    Hey, who wonders if Joe Biden paid taxes on all these treasonous foreign payments?

    This is why they impeached President Trump the first time based on the phone call where he inquired what was going on. They knew, they ALL knew. That’s why they went nuclear to protect Biden and the Biden Crime Family and still are.

  5. Ted Cruz, and this right wing nut sycophant swallow whole the unverified claim of a ‘Burisma executive’ that VP Joe Biden accepted ‘5 million dollar bribe’ but tenaciously defend trump’s indefensible and traitorous actions in:
    Holding up Congressionally earmarked funding for Ukraine, for which he was impeached;
    Fomenting the January 6, 2001 Insurrection, for which he was impeached AGAIN. It is YOUR SIDE, you IDIOT, which has the emperor who is not wearing any clothes, as he has all of you small-minded lap-dogs who follow him blindly off a cliff, willfully ignorant about the true danger he posses to our Democracy.