Menendez: ‘The U.S. has to make it very clear to Putin that the consequences begin now’


U.S. Senate Foreign Foreign Relations Committee Chair Bob Menendez (D-NJ) said that the country has to “make it very clear to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin that the consequences begin now.”

“I think they need to be severe sanctions. I think we can stop equivocating as to whether we have an invasion or not. I think the west—the United States—has to make it very clear to Putin that the consequences begin now,” Menendez said CNN today.

“And for me, that means taking, for example, the waivers off of Nord Stream 2 so that it is officially dead. It means sanctioning Russian banks. It means sanctioning Russian oligarchs that are holding Putin’s monies. It also means sanctioning Russian sovereign debt. Those are just some of the beginning salvos that need to be imposed …”

New Jersey’s senior senator added that he believes there are more Russian forces in Ukraine today when there were yesterday.

“Putin has told the world what he’s going to do. He’s told us he is going to recognize these areas. The next thing is annexation of these areas and then he’s going to do that by force. I don’t know what we need to wait for,” Menendez continued.

“What we can’t have here is another Munich moment. And the West has to decide whether it’s going to allow more and more European land to be taken over by force or whether we are going to stand up to Putin.”

Minutes ago, President Joe Biden (D) announced sanctions against Russia, calling it the “beginning” of an invasion of Ukraine, USA Today reported.

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  1. In September of 1938, the Munich Agreement was signed, despite France’s prior 1924 Agreement with Czechoslovakia to come to its aid, to cede Hitler the Sudetenland. We all know that betrayal emboldened and enabled him to take the rest of that Country in March, 1938, forcing Britain to draw a red line in Poland, which Hitler crossed, starting WWII. While Ukrainian is not yet a NATO Member, it began the multi step process years ago. Russia now has a greater presence in the two renegade provinces of Ukraine, which are now, sadly fertile ground for the KGB to work their sinister machinations and the bully, Putin, to strut around on foreign soil and create misery for freedom loving Ukrainians. It is laughable that Putin says there is a knife to his throat while he wields his own, imposing sword on Ukraine. Our Senior Senator from NJ is correct. We must respond to a bully the only way a bully can be reasoned with. We’ve collectively turned one cheek. We see what that has resulted in. Even Trump has paused from flushing classified, illegally held WH documents to monitor the situation. He is like a deer in the headlights and quiet now. The same Trump who threw his own Intelligence Agencies under the bus when he publicly sided with Putin even after they told him that Putin tried to interfere in 2016 Election. And China calls the West’s sanctions on Russia now “illegal?” The same China that denies the overt and absolute atrocities it committed at Tianamen Square. Stand Up to Bullies.

  2. Pat swallow before you post. Just a quick question Pat, Is the Taste of Roque’s cool aid still in your Mouth?

    Your delusional thinking is not for the new woke anymore. Dem/Libs are now violent and past phase 1 of the destruction plan of USA.


    • The Senator is Definitely Correct. To those who dance to orange man’s narcissistic and revisionist History drumbeat and fiddle with him while Ukraine and Kiev are now burning, SHUT UP. Orange man has very lately been PRAISING the bellicose (look it up) Putin with regards to his devide and conquer strategy in the Sovereign Ukraine. All people of your ilk seem capable of doing is goose-stepping to your Fuhrer Herr Trump. (Look it up.) So when exactly is JK Jr. going to rise from the dead and serve as Orange Man’s Vice President? You don’t even KNOW the definition of Woke, nor, what Critical Race Theory is, and what it is not. So tell me ‘JM’ what exactly compelled a 6-3 Conservative Supreme Court to RULE AGAINST EVERY PATHETIC, IDIOTIC ATTEMPT TO OVERTURN BIDEN’s KARMA ELECTORAL COLLEGE VICTORY OF 306 to 232?

  3. lol.. Still blaming Trump I see. That pony for and excuse for is long dead. Shut up and Love America for a change. Including its history. Pat You might want to make a New and extra batch of new cool aid to offer.

    Maybe Roque will win again some where so you can enjoy being a lacky again…you fool.

    • You deal with your Biden Derangement Syndrome, “JM” and your fixation with “Pat” and “Roque” and the rest of us will actually love America by standing up for it’s principles of standing up to bullies and helping the suffering Ukrainians while you continue spinning your wheels as your misguided anger sputters.

  4. Stand up for America! We have are own Invasion on going down south. Yea that’s Trumps fault also??.. What a POS and sick person u are. Judgement day have your notes ready to argue with the Lord.. what a fool. Senator Bobby is a Criminal and a Communist.. you just know it.

    Bye Pat