Melvin Santiago’s parents: Walgreens deserves blame in our son’s murder


Alex and Cathy McBride, the stepfather and mother of fallen Jersey City police officer Melvin Santiago, spoke to the Hudson County View outside their Jersey City home about the tragic loss of their son. 

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  1. They should be blaming Walgreens, I don't blame them one bit. No need for these stores to be open 24/7 especially in high crime areas. Security is laxed probably because of what they pay these guys. What would you do in their case, something has to change

  2. Yes Mark, Walgreens does share in the blame. They are located in an extremely high crime area, open 24 hrs, have been victims of robberies before and decided to DISCONTINUE using JCPD as their hired security and decided to hire armed security with no training whatsoever. all in the name of saving a buck. So yes, they do share in the blame.

  3. Walgreens should be blamed. Why is that place open 24hrs when it is located in such a crime ridden dump of an area. Also why the need for armed security when its just going to be some low paid, barely trained individual who cant retain his weapon. If its so important to stay open then pay a cop to be there as a side job.

  4. I hope i did not offend nmyone on this matter, bottom line is parents lost there son, there is nothing worse in the world, My Mom always said, she could never deal with losing me while she was alive, She does not have to worry about that anymore,,,

  5. Obviously Walgreen's shares in the blame. If you have to have security guards in your store in order to stay open at night, then HELLO, that alone should tell you you have a problem. It would be more prudent to close your store, if only for your employees and your customers who may get hurt in robberies. But it's all about the dollar, right? Well, Walgreen's, be prepared to share that blood soaked dollar when crimes and tragedies come knocking at your doorstep. In my view, money is little comfort when compared to someone's life.

  6. I think the security guard is to blame because if he was doing his job he would have shot him in the store before police got there. He only had a knife.