Mayor Roque deflects on Wiley case, personal voting records, touts accomplishments


Following a press conference yesterday at 5800 Jefferson St. to promote today’s Project Medicine Drop event in West New York, Mayor Felix Roque spoke to Hudson County View about the voter fraud court case involving Beatriz and Count Wiley.


Earlier in the week, Roque called on Count Wiley, his main opponent in the May 12 municipal election, to resign.

However, when asked about the legal matter, Roque deflected on the issue, saying he’s focusing on his accomplishments from his first term as election day nears closer.

With Judge Hector Velasquez expected to making a ruling on the Wileys court matter Monday morning, the West New York United team has since retaliated by saying they have notified the FBI and State Attorney General’s Office over what they feel is inconsistent voter registration paperwork from Roque for the May 2011 election.

Specifically, the team is claiming that since Roque registered to vote in West New York on February 9, 2011, he should not have been eligible to run against then-Mayor Sal Vega.

Again, Roque took the high road, saying he is focused on making West New York “the diamond of New Jersey” and wished Wiley would be willing to help him in that process.

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  1. accomplishments? Really Felix! Never mind the dirty streets, street lights out, and other things you have “accomplished”, tell the residents how you plan to get WNY out of the $37 Million Dollar hole you have it in? Why don’t you tell the residents how the town insurance company is not covering a single lawsuit settled? Maybe Cosmo was right in saying years ago, that your no good.

  2. 2 Weeks left Felix. Than the Audits and Real Clean comes to WNY. Felix did you know your few supports whats left are now jumping ship to Wiley? Ask Albio he is trying to protect the rackets now after your gone in a few weeks.

    WNY VOTE Column D all the Way!

  3. Roque took the high road?? John, you disappoint me.
    Roque should answer those questions. If Roque registered to vote in WNY as late as February 2011, he was NOT eligible to run for mayor four years ago. Water under the bridge, perhaps, because the damage has been done, big time, but it’s not something that should be ignored.
    Roque’s MO is simply to ignore what he doesn’t want to deal with and refuse to answer questions. That’s hardly taking “the high road”.
    And if he wants to make WNY “the diamond of NJ” he should start by stepping down. Until then, WNY will remain a piece of coal.

    • I get what you’re saying, the sentiment I was trying to get across is just that he choose not to verbally go after Wiley or WNY United. The fact that the questions were not met with direct answers is another story.

  4. He is not taking the high road, he just doesn’t have any answers for the fraud. He should have known not to go after wiley with so many skeletons in his own closet. It’s been a comedy of errors for the past four years. It’s time we rid ourselves of this fool.