Matsikoudis taps U.S. Army vet as Jersey City Ward F council candidate


Jersey City mayoral challenger Bill Matsikoudis has tapped U.S. Army veteran Yolanda Dortch-Amiker as his Ward F council candidate for the November 7 election. Matsikoudis-Dortch

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As I have gotten to know Yolanda over the past couple of months, I am happy that she has decided to take the next step in her life of public service by running for office, and I am proud that she has agreed to run on my slate,” Matsikoudis said in a statement.

“Yolanda and I will work together to make life more affordable in Jersey City, to implement community policing, provide case management job training and focus on our everyday quality of life issues such as keeping streets like Monticello and Ocean Avenues clean. Ward F will no longer be forgotten; it will be a focus.”

Dortch-Amiker is a U.S. Army combat veteran who retired after 18 years of service, earning the rank of Staff Sergeant, the Matsikoudis campaign said in an email.

Since returning home, she has started a non-profit, the Healing is Power Foundation, dedicated to helping veterans return to a civilian life.

Also a victim of sexual assault while in the military, Dortch-Amiker also runs a women’s empowerment organization called “Am I Still Beautiful,” and is also the founder of “Shackles to Suits” – dedicated to teaching ex-offenders basic skills to help them find work.

Dortch-Amiker is hosting her first campaign event this evening, 6 p.m., at her campaign headquarters – 150 Monticello Ave.


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