Matsikoudis’ latest council candidate attacks Fulop in campaign announcement


Jake Hudnut, the Jersey City Ward E council candidate running with mayoral hopeful Bill Matsikoudis, attacked Mayor Steven Fulop in his campaign announcement.

Hudnut, an attorney by trade who currently works for Spar & Bernstein, P.C. and was previously the Jersey City Public Defender, has previously helped manage winning board of education slates in 2012 and 2013.

He has also been a supporter of Matsikoudis’ candidacy from the get go, until recently serving as the team’s treasurer and counsel.

Matsikoudis noted that they choice today to announce Hudnut’s candidacy since it is the beginning of LGBTQ Pride Month and he is openly gay.

In a three-and-a-half minute YouTube video (embedded above), Hudnut talks about standing up to the Port Authority by fighting against fare increases and overcrowded PATH trains, as well as pushing for developers to build more affordable housing.

He also took aim at Fulop, claiming that he was running for governor ever since he was elected mayor.

“Not one candidate has spoken out against our Mayor, Steven Fulop. Mayor Fulop started running for governor the day he started moving into the mayor’s office,” Hudnut said.

“He was missing from Jersey City for over three years while he traveled the state dreaming of being governor before his shortcuts caught up with him.”

Fulop was widely expected to run for governor this year, but instead ended up endorsing Phil Murphy and announcing his re-election bid back in September.

He added that and that “his coziness with developers at the expense of our public schools is hardly progressive.”

A Fulop campaign spokeswoman did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

Hudnut enters a crowded field in the Ward E council race, where incumbent Candice Osborne, LGBTQ activist Michael Billy (who is also openly gay), activist James Solomon and longtime Jersey City resident Nick Grillo are all declared candidates.

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