Man with knife, pepper spray, tells Hoboken cops ‘odor of his stool’ proves he has COVID-19


A man who tried to attack someone with a large knife and pepper spray told Hoboken police officers to keep their distance, indicating he must have COVID-19 due to the “odor of his stool.”

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The @HobokenPD just arrested a man who tried to attack man w/ large knife & OC Spray @ 4th & Willow & told the officers he was Covid19 Positive to try to get them to back away,” Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante tweeted this afternoon.

“After hearing how he knows he has it ‘odor of his stool’,we knew it was futile attempt to evade police.”

Further details of the arrest were not immediately available, but this story will be updated when more information is released.

This is at least the second incident this week where a suspect threatened officers with COVID-19 during his arrest: a man caught robbing a liquor store on Wednesday coughed on nine cops, claiming to be infected with the virus.

This afternoon, city officials announced 372 coronavirus cases, 19 deaths, and 106 recoveries citywide.

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