Lincoln Equities Group hosts Bayonne boat tour to show off progress on new logistics center


The real estate company building a new 1.6 million square foot logistics center at 42 Military Ocean Terminal treated its employees, Bayonne elected officials and media to a boat ride in Upper New York Bay to survey the site’s progress from the water.

Seven months after the implosion of a 175-foot smokestack and 150-foot steel water tower, giant excavators built by the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar, were lifting and then dumping large amounts of clean fill onto mining trucks.

They are placing the fill onto the site in order to raise it by six feet to comply with post-Hurricane Sandy standards to prevent flooding damage.

It was in March of 2018 when Lincoln Equities Group was joined with U.S. Senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) to announce their intentions to build a new warehouse and distribution complex that would create up to 2,700 jobs.

The chartered boat docked and over 100 invited guests boarded, which included representatives from Cushman & Wakefield, the Chicago-based commercial real estate brokerage firm that’ll be tasked with securing warehousing and logistics companies to operate in the new complex.

Global Container Terminals USA, the giant container terminal operator responsible for hauling containers off container ships that arrive from all over the world, also had employees on board.

The new distribution complex in Bayonne will be unique since it’s location will be just across the isthmus from GCT USA’s Bayonne cargo terminal.

Right now when containers arrive at the cargo terminal, they have to be loaded onto container trucks which travel to warehouses as far away as Easton, Pennsylvania in order for the goods to be sorted out to identify final delivery destinations.

The obvious drawback of that process is it causes more congestion on the roads and air pollution, according to GCT USA President John Atkins said.

“It’s a great project for the region, it’s a great project for business. The Lincoln project being built directly across the channel from our terminal will allow containers to come off of our ships, go right to the warehouse where they then can be broken down and distributed out to retail stores,” began Atkins.

“So, it limits the amount of truck miles, traffic and congestion on the road. It’s faster with cargo getting to market because it can go right from the marine terminal to the warehouse and the availability of cargo is quicker and it provides a lot of good paying jobs both at the Lincoln site and also will help our site.”

As the boat continued its passage in Upper New York Bay, LEG President Joel Bergstein said that construction of the new complex is set to begin in 2020 and completion is expected by 2021.

He echoed Atkins’ sentiments about the virtues of the new complex, as well as the types of jobs that’ll be available for Bayonne residents during and after construction.

“In warehousing today, the spectrum of jobs run from a forklift operator all the way up to IT personnel. There’s a lot of very technical jobs because of the way warehouses are today, they’re not the warehouses of old. There’s staff, there’s internal staff and then of course there’s the trucking staff that’ll be coming and going into and out of the complex,” said Bergstein.

A marketing brochure produced by Cushman & Wakefield highlights some of the main features that make the location ideal for warehousing and logistics companies, such as the close proximity to Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal, as well as it being eligible for Grow NJ tax credits that provides businesses with tax credits as high as $5,000 per job.

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis was standing on the boat’s upper deck looking towards the site, anticipating when Bayonne residents will be able to start applying to fill the approximately 2,700 jobs.

“If you go back four years ago where this city was. Now you look and see where the city is as a whole today, and then coming here and seeing what’s happening [you realize] we’re really moving. The city has finally taken that step to go forward,” Davis stated.

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