LETTER: WNY BOE’s Children First team thanks voters for Nov. 4 victory


The Children First team, the four West New York Board of Education candidates that swept the November 4 election, expressed their gratitude to WNY voters for the victory, also giving their thoughts on how the race unfolded.

WNY Children First

Dear West New York,

The Children First Team would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of West New York who spoke loud and clear on November 4th. You, the voters of our town, are responsible for this victory!

As a team of dedicated West New Yorkers, we will work hard to make improvements for the parents, teachers, and students of our schools.

While some candidates concentrated on false attacks, the Children First Team focused on five major goals: creating new opportunities focused on student achievement, increasing parental involvement groups throughout the school district, updating schools to create a safe and comfortable learning environment, providing more support to our teachers and staff members, and expanding the resources for our after school programs.

Thanks to you, we can achieve these goals! Working together for the best interest of our students will always be our priority.

With graduates of the West New York School District serving on the Board of Education, the students of our town will truly have a voice in the decisions that impact their everyday lives. In conclusion, we would like to once again thank everyone who let his or her voice be heard on Election Day by going out to vote.

This victory was the will of the people of West New York!

Children First Team


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  1. It’s even sadder for them to think that the voters spoke “loud and clear” when 7400 of the 8600 votes that were cast were Against them. When you measure that result against the $100,000 that Roque paid to buy the election, it’s pretty pathetic.