LETTER: While it’s great Jersey City teachers have a contract, more work lies ahead


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Demetrius Terry says while it’s great local teachers resolved their contract dispute, more work lies ahead for the city. 

Jersey City teachers

Dear Editor,

I was pleased to hear the Jersey City Education Association was able to reach an agreement for our teachers. I believe it’s important to understand no individual wants to deliberately go on strike unless the issue at hand is beyond their control.

Our teachers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect as they are the backbone to our society. While I’m happy to hear an agreement was met, it’s come to my attention it’s only a tentative agreement.

While this is a step in the right direction, we must ensure our teachers, and staff are not forgotten about and aren’t used for political ambitions.

Lastly, I know our men and women in blue in the Jersey City Police Department are suffering and need a fair contract as well.

These are individuals risking their lives everyday and we should have their back and they have ours.

We must do better!

Demetrius M. Terry
Executive Director Jersey City Health and Public Safety Coalition

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