LETTER: West New York BOE candidate Smith congratulates election winners


In a letter to the editor, recent West New York Board of Education candidate John Smith congratulates the three winners from the November 8 election.

Photo courtesy of John Smith.
Photo courtesy of John Smith.

Dear editor,

I would like to congratulate all the B.O.E. candidates who ran for a seat on the board, especially the winners for the 3-year terms, Ron Scheurle, David Morel, and Adam Parkinson.

It was my first time to run and ever experience it. I also want to thank the residents of WEST NEW YORK that voted for me. I feel proud of myself on the amount of votes that I received from everyone.

I will continue to go to the meetings and say what’s on my mind if needed. Plus. I will continue to support the students and teachers all the way. Also I want to thank my wife, Cheryl Smith, my 3 boys Brian, Kevin and Thomas, my mother-in-law Jean Gordon, also my friends in WEST NEW YORK for helping me out and supporting me.

My Mom and Dad always said to me if you fall off your horse get back on it and try harder. But with me I don’t get back on a horse I get back on a bull with horns and try harder.

So everyone asks me will I run again? You never know. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

John Smith

West New York resident

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  1. Mr. Smith can still do a lot of good by going to meetings and speaking out and asking questions.

    Good luck, Mr. Smith. This town needs more citizens who care and speak out.

  2. I do not thing it right that I work for West new York for all most 2 years and be for i move down south Jersey people up in. West new York said I can get unpolment then I got down south Jersey and then I got a letter say I was not going to get my unpolment Ido not thing that right I love it were I am leveling now people are nice down here then the people in West new York I thing ever but I work for in West new York are happy that I am not there any more in ever like Hudson county people in West new York are out for them salf and the money that why West new York has no money