LETTER: Vote for me and other independent Hoboken council-at-large candidates


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken Council-at-Large candidate Ian Rintel addresses voters and outlines why they should vote for him and other independent candidates tomorrow.

Hoboken Council-at-Large candidate Ian Rintel.

Hoboken Voters,

I was late to the game. I was mostly alone (just me and Cindy really), but I campaigned hard and I’m hopeful that I’ve convinced you that I’m the absolute best choice to be your next Hoboken City Councilperson. I expect a low turnout election.

In an election like this, with a possibility of a runoff, it only make sense for every voter to vote for the three best candidates (no slates)! No matter what happens: remember, you, the constituents are the boss. Don’t put up the antics our politicians pull.

Their unwillingness to work together. Their cronyism. Their politicking. There are TOO MANY POLITICIANS IN POLITICS.

Here is my final push message that I hope you will spread:

Election day is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2nd, and I need your help. I’m one of ten candidates running for three Hoboken City Council seats. I campaigned hard, but without polling there is no way to know where I stand.

I am mostly self-funded and working without a paid team. I have no support from the mayor or any city councilperson, something likely to change if I make a runoff.

I’ve accomplished a lot and I’m optimistic, but the smartest thing is to try to get every possible vote to make sure I don’t come up short.

I have had numerous campaign successes. I collected 508 petitions in just five days. Because of Covid, I focused my campaign online. I was first to have a full website and platform, www.ianforhoboken.com. I added more instagram followers than anyone.

My short cartoon commercials were viewed over 50,000 times. I sent a mailer that opens to be a window sign to the entire city (30,126 homes) and a postcard to an additional 4,300 residents.

I did well in both debates, and received a tremendous positive response when I knocked on neighbors doors (a frustratingly slow process with so few people home).

I’m totally independent (no party, no slate). I’m the only business owner in this election. I’ve lived here 23 years and I’m raising a family here. I have a lot of realistic ideas, experience, skills and savvy to get things done as a councilperson.

I am including several links at the bottom of this email where you can learn more about my platform.

There are hours left for a final push to try to get as many additional votes as possible. I’m sending this message to everyone I know who votes in Hoboken.

Please help me by sharing this with everyone you know and hopefully we can crowdsource dozens or possibly hundreds of additional votes.

I am not endorsing anyone – but I will tell you that I am voting for myself, Cindy Wiegand (13H) and Manny Rivera (1H): because like me, they’ll represent you and you alone.

Election Day is tomorrow, November 2nd. Polls are open from 6 AM to 8 PM.

My cartoons and Youtube channel: ianforhoboken

My website: www.ianforhoboken.com.

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This message is the most effective when passed on, so please do! Individual emails to your Hoboken friends would be the most effective (cut & paste this message), but social media links will also help.


Ian Rintel – City Council Candidate, ballot position 3H

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