LETTER: Thank you for preserving the Jersey City middle school sports program


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City teacher and coach Melissa Bengen expresses her gratitude for public school officials doing their part to preserve middle school sports.

Dear Editor,

I am a Jersey City Public School teacher and coach. Over the last 3 years or so I have been vocal at public board meetings about the back and forth threat of not funding our middle school sports program, Project-A-Team.

My last 3 seasons as a coach have been disrupted by budget threats that have postponed and almost canceled entire seasons. The inconsistency is detrimental to our kids.

Organized, competitive sports programs are essential parts of a school community and are building blocks for school pride and camaraderie amongst students.

Students who struggle academically usually excel in other areas such as the arts or sports. Opportunities to shine in school should not be taken away from our kids due to funding.

Teachers that coach students build strong relationships that spill over into the classroom-where it matters most.

I would like to thank our superintendent Mr. Walker, and current board members for their commitment to saving the athletic programs, especially Project-A-Team.

Melissa Bengen

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