LETTER: Thank you for helping Hoboken accomplish a great deal in 2022, mayor says


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla thanks Hoboken residents for their support in 2022, where he outlines 30 different accomplishments.

Dear Editor,

I want to extend to you my sincere thanks for your support over the past year. We were able to accomplish a great deal for Hoboken, and together we’ll continue to make our Mile Square the best town to live and raise a family in New Jersey.

I hope you will take a minute to look at some of our projects we have undertaken in 2022 to improve the quality of life for our residents, a few of which are highlighted below.

Thanks again, and best wishes for a safe and healthy New Year!


Ravi S. Bhalla

1. Completed historic acquisition of Union Dry Dock waterfront property, with planning underway for public park

2. Moved forward plans for redesign of Sinatra Drive with protected bike lane and Vision Zero improvements

3. Removed 14 abandoned boats in Weehawken Cove, eliminating a waterfront eyesore

4. Installed new lighting, pavers, trees and new green bike surface along South Waterfront

5. Advanced historic redevelopment project to revitalize Hoboken Terminal, with $176 million state grant

6. Installed flood resiliency upgrades with Rebuild by Design and $100 million award from Governor Murphy

7. Finalized design to double the size of the Southwest Resiliency Park with underground flood detention

8. Achieved perfect 100% rating from Human Rights Campaign for inclusive LGBTQ+ policies for fifth year

9. Launched SDL platform for residents to log quality of life concerns, replacing outdated 311 system

10. Installed new Vision Zero Protected Bike Lane connecting Hoboken to Jersey City along Marin Boulevard

11. Partnered with Volta to add 25 publicly accessible EV charging stations to city streets, coming in 2023

12. Created two new recreation options for children with co-ed volleyball and First-Tee golf, with more to come

13. Partnered with Hudson County, local pharmacies to expand access to free COVID-19 vaccines & boosters

14. Adopted redevelopment agreement at 930 Monroe with retail, affordable housing, $15 million for new park at 800 Monroe

15. Worked with Hoboken Business Alliance on murals and art to beautify public spaces, including new mural at Garage B

16. Worked with school district to expand much needed early childhood education classroom space at Jubilee Center

17. Maintained Hoboken’s AA+ credit rating from Standard and Poor’s, resulting in savings to taxpayers

18. Recognized by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for Vision Zero road safety efforts

19. Swearing in of Hoboken’s three at-large Councilmembers: Joe Quintero, Emily Jabbour and Jim Doyle to begin 2022

20. Relaunch of Office of Constituent Services to better serve residents, with the hiring of Nora Martinez DeBenedetto

21. Received $1.2 million grant from NJDEP for purchase of new electric garbage truck and HOP bus

22. Expanded public outreach on public safety with CAPS meetings led by Police Chief Aguiar and Director Ferrante

23. Earned top rating from non-profit CDP for efforts to advance Hoboken’s Climate Action Plan, reduce greenhouse gas emissions

24. Expanded Vision Zero measures including 11 new curb extensions on streets, installed during repaving

25. Partnered with Veolia (formerly SUEZ) to replace nearly 10,000 linear feet of aging water mains since 2021

26. Purchased new modern fire truck to replace outdated truck, to support HFD and keep residents safe

27. Welcomed several new locally owned businesses to Hoboken, strengthening our local economy

28. Initiated Community Solar program to provide renewable energy and cost savings to Hoboken Housing Authority

29. Hired nine new police officers, including four women, and five new firefighters to support HPD and HFD

30. Repaved 80+ blocks of roads with Vision Zero improvements following sewer upgrades, water main replacements

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  1. What no thank you for Mayor Zimmer who planned and started all of accomplishments Mayor Bhalla is taking the credit. She even put him in the Mayor’s office.

    • She was so bad even Bhalla wants to forget her.
      Left the business district in shambles, killed progress, destroyed the HPD morale and scared away revenue and corporate investment
      After she and her husband was plagued by the Carmelo Garcia scandal and was fortunate the HHA board settled it and closed any more potentially embarrassing stuff from going public they suddenly decided not to run
      Only weeks after a huge fundraiser where she deceived hundreds of donors.
      Most of her minions left town and a few are even working for developers!
      She hated this town in the end proven by their quick exit to the burbs and sale of their townhome with THREE private PARKING SPACES


      • Scared “away revenue and corporate investment?” What are we in Hoboken, the old glory days of Manhattan? I think Gov. Murphy scared away plenty with his draconian policies.

        Look around, people have been fleeing the oppression of the Regressives and their China-mimicking policies for greener pastures in Florida, Texas, North Carolina in huge numbers. You can’t blame Dawn for that.

        But didn’t Dawn get a job at an energy company in Secaucus selling million dollar rain gardens? Did she give up that plush gig?

        What’s the latest on the criminal trial of Carmelo Garcia, leader of the “We can, we will, watch us” brigade? He and SBF remain on the loose.

  2. Mayor Bhalla,
    Thank you for the great work and improvement for the city of Hoboken. We at HUMC stood with you during the pandemic, administering 27,000 vaccines to the communities, healthcare workers, and essential frontline workers.
    I applaud you and the city leadership for partnering with us to improve the health and safety of the residents of Hoboken.
    Ann P Logan-Executive Liaison Carepoint Health