LETTER: Tammy Murphy is the best choice for U.S. Senate, ex-Hoboken mayor says


In a letter to the editor, former Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer explains why she feels First Lady Tammy Murphy is the best choice for the U.S. Senate.

Dear Editor,

As the former Mayor of Hoboken, I am writing to proudly endorse First Lady Tammy Murphy for U.S. Senate. Tammy transformed the Office of the First Lady into action on many issues that will benefit NJ for generations.

As the Mayor who led Hoboken through the devastation of Superstorm Sandy that caused 80 percent of our city to be flooded with a toxic Hudson River mix, I am particularly thankful for her achievements on climate change education.

First Lady Tammy Murphy rolled up her sleeves and worked with NJ’s education leaders across the State to incorporate climate change education into NJ Student Learning Standards.

When you step back and consider the huge impact climate change is having on NJ, and around the world, you realize this is a critically important achievement.

Thanks to her strong efforts, NJ’s 1.4 million students will be climate ready leaders with an ability to benefit from the higher paying green economy jobs while helping their communities to adapt and be as sustainable as possible.

Having worked in the clean energy private sector after serving as Mayor, I know firsthand that part of the challenge of transforming our energy system into clean energy is having a skilled workforce to implement sustainable solutions that can save residents money, protect the places we all love, and save the planet.

By establishing an Office of Climate Change Education and becoming the first in the nation to create interdisciplinary standards, Tammy has helped ensure that students from all backgrounds have the opportunity for higher paying jobs and most importantly are well versed in the reasons this critical climate change issue is so important.

As a coastal state, at risk of a devastating impact with every predicted hurricane, NJ needs Tammy Murphy more than ever. She is passionate, dedicated, an excellent listener, and has a steadfast willingness to take on the critical issues facing NJ.

Although I no longer live in Hoboken, I am remaining involved to ensure that Rebuild by Design, a critical flood resiliency project that will protect Hoboken, Jersey City and Weehawken gets completed.

As I reflect on our Superstorm Sandy experience, I know Hoboken’s future rests on the completion of this project.

As a person committed to action on the issue of climate change, its impact, and sustainable solutions, I strongly believe that Tammy Murphy is the best choice for NJ.

Thank you for listening.

Dawn Zimmer
Former mayor of Hoboken (2009-2017)

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  1. Another shot across the bow of her former protégé Ravi Bhalla who will undoubtedly bracket with Murphy’s challenger, Andy Kim, in his futile attempt to beat the county machine he has so desperately tried to be a part of.

    • Bhalla dropped the ball yet again by caving in to Fulop’s black mail to block the Rebuild By Design flood protection to bow to private developer demands.
      You would think bending the rules for Fulop’s wife to open her cannabis shop in a Hoboken residential condo building would be enough.

  2. Even if Dawn isn’t in Hoboken anymore I certainly appreciate that she still gets involved. I would like to hear from her more on the rent issues, I know at some point she was making it clear which buildings in town were skirting rent control and having her battles with some of the bigger local developers. Maybe now is time for her to make public some of what went on before all tenants earning moderate income are runout of town.

  3. Dawn Zimmer is clueless. “climate ready leaders with an ability to benefit from the higher paying green economy jobs”…..ahhhhhh, no. Green Energy is massively expensive compared to nuclear and natural gas and is a drag on economic growth. Look at Germany. What a racket this is!! The misnamed Inflation Reduction Act contained $375 billion for green energy and the whole sector is still failing.

  4. I have supported Dawn and Opposed Dawn, fought with her and commended her.
    I dont have to always agree, but I will say, she fights for Hoboken even out of office, MORE than Bhalla does as he’s IN OFFICE