LETTER: Stafford, Verdibello, Lyons, Shaw, Ona best choices for Jersey City BOE


In a letter to the editor, former Jersey City Board of Education candidate Natalia Ioffe says that Tara Stafford, Gina Verdibello, Gerald Lyons, Lekendrick Shaw and Darwin Ona are the best choices in this year’s race.

Photos courtesy of Natalia Ioffe.

Dear Editor,

Each year the Jersey City Public School district faces new difficulties, sending the parent and teacher community into a tailspin search of solutions.

Overtime we have proven to be extremely resourceful, as a community of people who are invested in seeing the Jersey City students succeed.

We have become innovative in creating new fundraising and revenue methods, continuing steady outreach to city and state legislators, and learned to support each other as a united family of parents and educators.

Despite political shenanigans and gaslighting maneuvers, we have stood strong in defense of our children and we have the ability to discern what our schools need to succeed.

While change is certainly an important part of progress, it has to be initiated by the people who have the knowledge and experience in the JCPS district and have proven themselves in life of service.

Change cannot come at a price of being beholden to private interest groups, it must be led by a community of parents, educators and students, people who live and breathe our public schools every day.

The following candidates have each in their own way established themselves in the life of public service, have roots and degrees in Jersey City public school education, made real efforts to assist JCPS families and the community at large, and have come up with innovative strategies to solve our district’s very pressing funding crisis, strategies that would not make our district woefully dependent on private interest groups.

These individuals are real and accessible and they have demonstrated their ability and willingness to work hard for the betterment of our schools.

On November 5th I ask you to please consider - Tara Stafford (1D), Gerald Lyons (6D), Darwin Ona (7D), Gina Verdibello (2E) and Lekendrick Shaw (3E).

Best Regards,

Natalia Ioffe
Jersey City Resident
JCPS Parent Volunteer

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