LETTER: Rafi Cordova is the type of person I want to work with on the Hoboken council


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken Council President Emily Jabbour explains why 1st Ward council candidate Raf Cordova is the type of colleague she’d like to work with on the council.

Hoboken 1st Ward council candidate Rafi Cordova and Council President Emily Jabbour. Photo courtesy of Jabbour.

Dear Editor,

I am writing today to enthusiastically support and endorse Rafi Cordova for the First Ward Council position to the Hoboken City Council. As you may know, my professional background is in social work.

The social work profession is unique because of the specific commitment that all social work professionals take to uphold the profession’s values and to act ethically – these values are: Service, Social Justice, Dignity of the Person, Importance of Human Relationships, Integrity, and Competence.

From the minute I met Rafi, I knew that he embodied these values. I have watched Rafi stand by neighbors during times of crisis, accompany senior citizens to medical appointments, and guide residents through their questions about complex policy matters.

Constituent services comes second nature to Rafi, and he is far too humble to seek credit for this service. That is the type of person I want to work with on the Hoboken City Council.

Over the course of the past few years, I have met the incredible network of people that Rafi has developed relationships with – all in the name of support and community building for the City we all love.

Support is about more than just writing checks – it is about showing up time and time again; it is about answering the phone when there is a small question or a major crisis; and it is about working together for the big picture that comes in working toward a greater good.

Rafi is truly a selfless person and gives of his entire self for the community he cares for.

In my six years on the City Council, I have watched plenty of political performances at meetings; what I value is what happens outside of Council Chambers – because that’s where the real work of a Councilperson who is dedicated to constituent services happens.

In the short time that Rafi has served as a volunteer member of the Rent Leveling Board, he quickly rose to the role of Board Chair because he has demonstrated a commitment to building relationships across a diverse group of perspectives, as well as spending the requisite time to master the complex aspects of Rent Control policy.

I am confident that Rafi will bring similar skills to bear in the role of Councilmember.

On November 7th, please come out to support Rafi Cordova for Hoboken’s First Ward City Councilmember.

Emily Jabbour
Hoboken Council President

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  1. I am not a Bhalla puppet.
    I am not a Bhalla puppet
    Just because all the other Bhalla puppets are made to endorse me
    I am not a Bhalla puppet.

    If elected I will do as I am told and vote the way I am told by Bhalla just like Joe and Emily because the boss pays the piper and we all dance for him.

  2. In the rough and tumble of Hoboken’s First Ward politics, Mayor Bhalla has seemingly fumbled, backing Rafi Cordova, a candidate with a tune that’s off-key when it comes to supporting our public schools. This misjudgment might just hand over the keys of the ward to Paul Presinzano for a four-year ride. Rafi’s record hits a sour note, especially with his past endorsements of right-wing school board candidates. Instead of addressing the core issues, he’s been playing a vanity tune about his Yale degree. The real losers in this political concert? The people of Hoboken, who now face a future of more discord on the city council. As Rafi’s political stock plunges, the hopes of the community now ride on Marla, a potential harmonizer in a political landscape that desperately needs a new tune.

  3. It must really eat Emily up endorsing someone who was a vocal vote no in the referendum and campaigned for the Kids First BoE slate. Love to see Emily wallow in her own hypocrisy.

  4. It’s looking like Emily D. Bell will have to live off her husband’s Big Oil Maersk Money instead of just our taxes.

    Emmy Baby, why don’t you ask daddy if you can move back home to Wellesley? You can ride your bike and promote oral sex children’s books up there now that your master puppeteer has no political future in New Jersey.