LETTER: New Jersey residents should rally to re-elect Murphy, retired educator says


In a letter to the editor, retired Jersey City educator Perry Cecchini explains why New Jersey residents should rally to re-elect Gov. Phil Murphy (D).

Dear Editor,

As the State of New Jersey navigates through an unprecedented time in our history, I urge citizens to come together and support Governor Murphy. He has made the very tough decisions to keep New Jersey safe.

From Day One, as opposed to the leadership in Washington, he has advocated wearing a
mask, keeping socially distant and general hygiene. The consequences of the lockdown were severe and costly to our State.

Governor Murphy in his State of the State address made all of us aware of the impact. He has, however, worked diligently with restaurants and business to get them open. His tax
incentive plan will go a long way to assisting these businesses with grants and aid.

He was a comforting voice at daily press conferences to inform the public and put a great team together to solve the many issues of the pandemic.

His progressive and sensible policies are the passing of the minimum wage law, expanding family and medical leave, and getting the millionaire’s tax to raise revenue for programs for those less fortunate.

His corporate tax incentive program will bolster New Jersey Transit after years of neglect and funding cuts under Republican leadership, His focus will be on helping hard hit small businesses.

Governor Murphy realizes that the future of a fairer and stronger New Jersey lies with the success of our small businesses. The tax incentive program will seek to keep business in New Jersey.

Additional engineers have been trained and are ready to lead New Jersey Transit. A modern system of transportation is critical to our future. The Gateway Tunnel, which was stalled by President Trump, will be full steam ahead with President Biden’s assistance.

Infrastructure and road repairs will create jobs and lead to a speedy recovery.

Governor Murphy and the State of New Jersey have begun the vaccine rollout with the opening of mega-sites and countless locations for distribution. The program continues to grow. New Jersey hopes to have about 5 million people vaccinated by the end of May.

Legalization of marijuana will soon be a reality. The cannabis industry will lead to many small businesses, many of which will be minority owned and operated. It has been a long time coming for New Jersey.

Governor Murphy has supported the schools in New Jersey with assistance for preparation for school openings, encouraging in school learning wherever it is possible and making changes to policies which will ease the burdens on teachers, parents, and the entire community.

Governor Murphy has been a staunch supporter of New Jersey’s public schools, which are ranked #1 in the entire country.

In closing, as we approach the difficult and challenging days ahead, I am confident in the efforts of Governor Murphy and encourage of all us to do our best to move our State forward under his skillful and compassionate leadership.

Perry Cecchini
Retired NJEA Teacher

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