LETTER: National, local Democratic leaders need to remember the middle class


In a letter to the editor, Bayonne resident John Milan Sebik says that in light of the midterm elections, local and national Democratic leaders alike need to remember the middle class.

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Dear Editor,

In the Summer of 2018, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez declared
that a Democratic Socialist, yes, a dues-paying member of the Democratic Socialists of America is the “Future of the Party.”

This candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also believes in abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, open borders and also claiming ILLEGAL ALIENS deserve “right of passage” into the United States.

If this is the future, we can all say goodbye to the United States of America. This “progressive socialist” also wants to offer free tuition, and Medicare for all?

The United States Government has enough debt and and higher debt, and higher taxes on the rich isn’t even close enough to even cover a fraction of all the “free” offers.

I think we can all agree that our taxes are already high enough living in NJ. I’m trying to figure out what Math classes she forgot to take and if the campaign slogan of choice is now to just offer free stuff that will never happen.

My Parents, emigrated here from Germany and Slovakia as well as millions others
legally waited and followed the law to emigrate to the USA. They fought to live, to find work, to pay bills, raise a family and live the American Dream by following the law. What has changed?

Who changed the narrative? Why is it that OUR representatives care more about those not
even in the USA yet? What about the voters, here and now who live here, work here and pay some of the highest taxes in NJ.

I’m worried about the direction of Democrats in Hudson County. Why must everyone
stay in line and be all rubber stamps? Yes, I can agree with the party being stronger together but has life really gotten better in Hudson County the last 6 years?

Have we elected true problem solvers who are fighting for the little guy, the middle class, small business owners, tax paying citizens?

Are the Democratic Party Leaders, such as the Governor clearly speaking from both
sides of their mouth? it took over a year and a half to finally believe a State worker who
repeated complaints of sexual misconduct and finally was Forced to go public.

Where are the #believeher rallys now? What about Hillary Clinton’s comment about Senator Booker and Eric Holder looking alike? Where is the outrage? Why is is always “do as i say and not as I do?”

Recently shady individuals were hired by the State, the State hired an individual who served time for bribery/corruption, which is clearly against the law? Another hire who made fun of Special Ed student was hired then fired as a Director of Professional Learning.

Ask yourself this: Has any politician fought to lower your taxes as a middle class citizen
or small business, the engine of our economy? Has any Politician found any solution or
introduced any legislation to lower property taxes?

How about introducing solutions that show true and solid savings? These are items that are important and should be in the forefront.

We have all heard about free this and free that but in all honestly, NOTHING is ever free
and the taxpayer will ultimately pay the price like we have for years.

I believe the voters want someone different and not just a tool, a mouthpiece, a follower.
Voters want true leadership, and someone who dares to be different. By the way, whatever happened to that “Public Bank” the Governor campaigned on?

John Milan Sebik
Bayonne resident

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