LETTER: Let’s give Boggiano the boot on December 7th, former Jersey City Ward C resident says


In a letter to the editor, former Jersey City Ward C resident Abraham Mohammed Asad is urging his former neighbors to give Councilman Rich Boggiano the boot in the December 7th runoff.

Photo via Breezy News.

Dear Editor,

I used to live in Jersey City’s Ward C. However, my family and I moved out primarily because we felt that our councilman, Rich Boggiano, didn’t care about our needs.

God’s honest truth is that Rich Boggiano only cares about certain groups and neighborhoods in Ward C, not everyone.

Rich Boggiano has never been an advocate for affordable housing.

During his time on the council, Rich Boggiano has introduced legislation; and, subsequently, voted against his own legislation. In one of his most embarrassing moments, Rich Boggiano posted a photo on Facebook of a man dressed in pink shorts and pink high heel sandals as a way of “scaring” the community into turning against a woman who wanted to put on a burlesque show.

That photo was distasteful and extremely offensive to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Just prior to the general election on November 2, as reported in another local publication, Rich Boggiano tried to “evict” a Black woman from her place of business at the old police kiosk on McGinley Square.

As a Black man, I find it very repugnant that when Rich Boggiano was asked if Black Lives Matter, his answer was “all lives matter.” That is the typical answer given by bigoted individuals who wish to avoid that question.

He is the only member of the council who refused to denounce Trump and the insurrection he caused on 6 January. Obviously, Rich Boggiano has an “affinity” toward Donald Trump and his ultra far right-winged policies.

Could it be that Rich Boggiano is really a die-hard Trump Republican” pretending to be a Democratic, a true wolf in sheep’s clothing?

To this very day, Rich Boggiano continues to use “scare tactics” and Trump-like demagoguery to turn the people of Ward C against Kevin Bing. He is now telling the people that Kevin Bing will take away “their” parking spaces and raise taxes.

Just recently, a member of Boggiano’s team posted a video on YouTube claiming that Kevin Bing paid a “homeless man (?)” money to take down Boggiano’s campaign posters. Yet, nowhere in the 33-second video does this “homeless man (?)” claim to have been paid by anyone to take down Boggiano’s signs.

For that matter, we couldn’t even see if the signs were, in fact, Boggiano signs. Could it be that this video was entirely staged? A look at the video would make anyone believe that to be the case.

On another note, it is truly encouraging and promising to see that most of the voters in Ward C – my old friends and neighbors – voted against Rich Boggiano. That is great news! This tells everyone that the people of Ward C want real, progressive change.

They are tired of being represented by an inept political hack who is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the mayor and his organization; and, who now has demonstrated his willingness to resort to underhanded, unscrupulous, and unsavory campaign tactics.

I doubt very much that this is the type of person that the constituents of Ward C want to represent them.

I urge the voters of Ward C to finish the task at hand. Go to the polls on December 7 and vote for Kevin Bing.

It is time to show Rich Boggiano the door. It is time to elect a councilman that will represent all the people of Ward C. It is time to put an end to machine-style shenanigans in Ward C. It is time for real progressive change in Ward C.

Sincerely yours,

Abraham Mohammed Asad
Union City resident

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