Board of Elections: Only ‘a dozen or so’ vote-by-mail ballots tossed in Hoboken


While there has been some controversy over in the past few days over whether or not vote-by-mail ballots have been properly collected in Hoboken’s 4th and 5th Wards, a county official says that only “a dozen or so” have been thrown out. 

Marion Towers

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Although about 400 vote-by-mail ballots have been collected in the 4th Ward and roughly 200 collected in the 5th Ward, it generally appears that things have been done by the book, according to Hudson County Board of Elections Clerk Michael Harper.

“There wasn’t a ton of issues. After the days, the majority of the people we spoke to said they handled the ballots themselves. The initial findings are not overwhelming,” Harper told Hudson County View over the phone just a few minutes ago.

Harper also noted that several residents did not answer their door when investigators showed up at their homes, but that is not uncommon. The investigation is ongoing as the board of elections is still in the process of reviewing the VBM’s, Harper said.

Yesterday, Hoboken Ward 4 Council candidate Dana Wefer said she wanted a thorough investigation of the VBM’s collected at the Marion Towers, located at 400 1st Street, since 235 were submitted on 10 different days between September 28 and October 23.

She believes that voters were being exploited by the Ruben Ramos campaign, a former Assemblyman and city councilman who is also looking to take down Councilman Tim Occhipinti at the polls today.

Occhipinti said yesterday that he agreed with Wefer’s sentiment regarding the VBM’s in Ward 4, while spokesman for the Ramos campaign did not return an email seeking comment.


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  1. If these vote by mail ballots are so on the up and up can anyone explain the statistical miracle that they all come from the same locations? Is this just a miracle of residents deciding independently that they all should vote by mail, completely out of line with every other # of VBM’s?

    Or is this part of an organized scam to collect and farm votes. Everyone can stick their head in the sand or acknowledge the reality of the situation

  2. Biggest problem is with the voter suppression. A resident a Marion Towers said the number of visits by dz and wefer made them feel pressured. In the end, they decided to refrain from voting as they felt there could be retaliation on the housing over their head.

    • Yeah, that Zimmer and Wefer are real intimidating. Also Marion Towers is not managed by the HHA so tell us exactly how Zimmer and Wefer could even threaten anyone?

      You live no where near Marion Towers and you would never be able to produce this imaginary person you speak of if someone held you to account on your claims. Just stop making crap up, get a life and try and make some friends.

      Loneliness sure can be ugly among the mentally unstable