LETTER: ‘Leadership that Listens team is simply unrivaled,’ Hoboken councilman says


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken Councilman-at-Large Joe Quintero lays out why he feels the “Leadership that Listens” slate “is simply unrivaled” in the board of education race.

Photo courtesy of Hoboken Councilman-at-Large Joe Quintero.

Dear Editor,

I firmly believe that one of the strongest measures of any community is the quality and compassion of its public schools.

By that measure, I believe Hoboken’s public school system rivals any in New Jersey and the United States, not just because of the quality of its programs, but because unlike many others, ours is a district of unrivaled cultural and socioeconomic diversity.

When it comes to leadership in the district – I look for those who take the stewardship of our program seriously.

Hoboken’s kids are our most precious resource, not a cost center, and the job of our Board of Education – as stewards – is to take an honest look at the needs of our students (from Pre-K to High School) and focus efforts on how to best meet those needs.

Which is why I am enthusiastically supporting and endorsing the Leadership that Listens slate of candidates in the upcoming Board of Education election.

The Leadership that Listens team is simply unrivaled amongst the candidates in ability and thoughtfulness and will be prepared on day one to continue the excellent progress our district has made over the most recent years.

As a 20+ year resident, Zoning Board member, and (most impressively) stalwart of the Connors PTO, Antonio Graña brings to the table an incredibly broad skillset which will make him an excellent BOE Trustee.

Antonio’s running mate, Leslie Norwood, is simply one of the smartest people I have ever met. A district parent, HPEF leader, and longtime resident (20+ years), Leslie is a securities lawyer who will be hyper focused on helping the BOE make prudent and fiscally responsible decisions.

Finally, Alex De La Torre, who’s lived in Hoboken 16 years and has two kids in the district, rounds out the group with his experience as current BOE Trustee as well over 25 years as a financial planning professional.

Over the past three years, Alex has helped oversee tremendous growth in our district during an extremely tumultuous time – specifically, in those years Hoboken has seen an 94.5% graduation rate, 94% college acceptance rate, and was one of the first districts nationally to open its schools, safely, for in person learning during the COVID pandemic.

Given the caliber of talent, professionalism, and experience on this slate, my decision to support the Leadership that Listens team is a no brainer. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Antonio, Leslie, and Alex this November 8th.

Joe Quintero
Hoboken City Councilman-at-Large

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  1. This was the palaces guy right? If he was so off base as to what the community wanted during the referendum it stands to reason it’s more of the same shilling from the failed referendum crew. We don’t need palaces, we need better academic outcomes, a topic that he obviously avoids in any real way.

  2. Is this just returning the favor for Alex
    hiding the 241 million referendum before Joe, the Hoboken Dem VP (even though the Hodes crew claimed they are staying out of the election), we all know no way he would’ve gotten elected if we knew he wanted to fleece the town too.

  3. Joe speaks to Leslies work but is she currently employed? Based on her husbands financial disclosure from the Alcohol board, it does not seem like it.

  4. Didn’t the Hoboken Democratic Committee, of which Mr. Quintero is a Vice President, just announce that they would not be getting formally involved in the BOE elections? Since the referendum was revealed in January, my take on all this has been that the current board needs to be replaced ASAP. Mr Quintero’s bait and switch is yet another reminder of how we are being manipulated across all sectors of our city government.

  5. This guy Joe has no record of any community involvement prior to running for council.
    Democratic committee does not count.
    it didnt count for Cammarano and it doesn’t count for puppet Joe