LETTER: Jersey City voters should elect Bing: ‘The people of Ward C want real progressive change’


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident John Di Genio explains why Ward C voters should elect Kevin Bing in the December 7th runoff election.

Jersey City Ward C council candidate Kevin Bing (left) and Ward C Councilman Rich Boggiano. Screenshot via Hudson Media Group.

Dear Editor,

In a local publication’s endorsement of Kevin Bing, that newspaper wrote “Incumbent Richard Boggiano has lost our vote of confidence, having moved from being an independent voice on the council to a Fulop rubber stamp.

He also appears inattentive at council meetings, even asleep at a times. . .” This is a succinct, accurate assessment of Rich Boggiano.

At this point, with less than a month to go for the run-off election, Richard Boggiano, in his letter to the Hudson County View and other local publications, urges the constituents of Ward C to “finish the job.”

I agree with Rich Boggiano! Indeed, the voters of Ward C should “finish the job” that was started on November 2. And, by doing so, vote “Rubber Stamp Richie” out of office.

Rich Boggiano is trying to do something that Abe Lincoln once said couldn’t be done; he is trying to fool all of the people all of the time. That didn’t work on November 2, and it won’t work on December 7.

Frankly speaking, Boggiano isn’t going to “finish” in 12 years what he couldn’t accomplish in 8 years. Re-electing Rich Boggiano will just result in “more of the same.”

An unquestionably clear majority of the voters within Ward C – some 56 percent of them – handed Rich Boggiano a thunderous “vote of no confidence” on November 2.

Let me say that again, some 56 percent of the people who cast ballots on November 2 rejected Rich Boggiano and his machine-style politics, and rightfully so.

The people of Ward C want real progressive change. They don’t want “more of the same” from “Rubber Stamp Richie” and his machine-style politics.

Kevin Bing has a clear vision for Ward C. On the other hand, Rich Boggiano simply repeats the party-line rhetoric from city hall, and the people of Ward C demand much more from their representative.

“Rubber Stamp Richie” only caters and panders to certain groups, sectors, and neighborhoods within Ward C. And, if you are not a member of one of Richie’s “special groups,” then your voice doesn’t really matter all that much to him.

Kevin Bing is looking to include everyone in his vision for a safer, cleaner, healthier, kinder, and friendlier Ward C.

Naturally, “Rubber Stamp Richie” conveniently and unscrupulously manipulates Kevin Bing’s vision to make it sound “unappealing.” Then again, “Rubber Stamp Richie” is well versed in using “scare tactics.

He tried that once before when he posted an offensive picture on Facebook as a way of turning the community’s opinion against a woman who wanted to put on a burlesque show. By the way, Rich Boggiano has yet to apologize to the LGBTQ+ community for posting that picture.

He now continues his “scare tactics” by trying to convince the people of Ward C that Kevin Bing will take away parking spaces and increase taxes.

“Rubber Stamp Richie” also “defended” bizarre conspiracy theories concerning 5G technology in the council chambers. Unlike Kevin Bing, “Rubber Stamp Richie” was never an advocate for affordable housing.

In one of his most absurd moments on the council, “Rubber Stamp Richie” actually voted against his own legislation.

Suffice it to say, “Rubber Stamp Richie” is totally inept and “out of touch” with what all of the people of Ward C – not just his “special groups” – want from their elected representative.

“More of the same” – the status quo – is no longer good enough. Honestly, it actually never was! The people of Ward C voted for progressive change on November 2.

Then, that being the case, the voters of Ward C should return to the polls on December 7 and “finish the job” by sustaining the vote of no confidence that “Rubber Stamp Richie” got on November 2; and, by doing so, end the “Boggiano era” – or, perhaps, more accurately, I should say “error.”

Respectfully yours,
John Di Genio

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