LETTER: Jersey City voters should back Fulop, not JCEA-backed BOE candidates, GOP candidate says


In a letter to the editor, Republican 31st Legislative District state Senate candidate Neil Schulman explains why he feels voters should back Mayor Steven Fulop and not the board of education candidates endorsed by the Jersey City Education Association.

Republican 31st Legislative District state Senate candidate Neil Schulman. Facebook photo.

Dear Editor,

As Jersey City residents attempt to recover from financial losses due to the pandemic, the failed majority of the Jersey City Board of Education have decided to adopt the universal left wing socialist remedy of raising taxes to fix all of our problems.

Unfortunately, the residents of our great city are the losers in this plan.

These incompetent officials and their cronies seeking vacant board seats feel their decision to increase the burden on taxpayers is justified.

Instead of making the fiscally responsible decision to lessen the burden on our residents, they’ve chosen to attack Mayor Fulop for reducing taxes in an effort to help offset the damage and create relief for the working class.

Mayor Fulop has been a staunch critic of these board members and candidates for their
irresponsible mismanagement of funds, particularly during the pandemic.

He continues to lead our city through many tough challenges, but the union dominated school board continues to obstruct our progress at every opportunity. They even oppose school choice!

Despite being a member of opposing political parties, Mayor Fulop and I, along with the vast majority of Jersey City residents, share the same goal of making Jersey City a better and more affordable place to live.

Improving our city while making it more affordable are not mutually exclusive goals. They
are attainable under the leadership of our mayor, as are safer streets, lower taxes, more employment opportunities and an improved educational system with numerous options.

The current school board members want to run the Jersey City school board like a communist country such as Cuba and Venezuela where choice remains a dream.

They don’t support our political system. Rather, they stand for failed socialist and communist ideals that are not in accordance with our system of government.

When you cast your vote on November 2nd , please remember what these candidates represent and what they oppose.

Voting for the union supported and controlled candidates is tantamount to voting for higher taxes and the absence of school choice. Additionally, consider the progress we have made under the leadership of Mayor Fulop. The choice is clear.

Neil Schulman
31st Legislative District GOP state Senate candidate

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  1. It’s 2021 – anyone screeching about “communism” and “socialism” is just parroting right wing talking points. Meanwhile, GOP hypocrites like Marco Rubio are proposing “small government anti-overreach”* legislation like making it easier for shareholders to sue corporate boards and CEOs if they deem them “too woke”. Why do they hate capitalism?

    *that part was sarcasm