LETTER: Jersey City ‘truly can’t afford to lose more options for public transportation’


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Adrian Ghainda explains why Jersey City “truly can’t afford to lose more options for public transportation.”

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Dear Editor,

My name is Adrian Ghainda and I am writing to ask commuters and residents across the city to keep fighting to protect A & C Bus routes. Growing up in Jersey City meant knowing the 33 was the only bus that ran on Bergen Ave.

It meant that if you weren’t close to any of the light rail stations, the Montgomery West Side route was your best way to get downtown.

At SafeStreet JC’s candidate forum in May I told my story of how I rely on public transportation to commute across the city. When I was in high school, I relied on the 33 to get to and from school.

When I started working while in college, I relied on the 32 and 33 to get to and from work. Even now as a grad student at NYU, my commute to Journal Square to get to the PATH Station starts with waiting for the 33 or the 32.

We cannot lose the A & C Bus line, too many working-class Jersey City residents rely on this route for their commute, too many school children use this route to get across the city.

We truly can’t afford to lose more options for public transportation when we have yet to see new options for more mass transit.

I’m urging residents to sign the Action Network petition and to commit to sharing the petition with 5 others who haven’t signed it yet. We can’t afford to relent on our advocacy for NJ Transit to pick up these bus lines.


Adrian Ghainda
Jersey City resident

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  1. I’m sorry NJT doesn’t care about the people it’s all about the profits and unfortunately all falls on the backs of working people politicians in that ward where are they ? The mayor? I’m sorry that bus route will close