LETTER: Jersey City street fair organizer didn’t want anyone promoting Hugin


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken Republican Committee Secretary Joshua Einstein says that the organizer of a recent street fair in Downtown Jersey City asked anyone promoting GOP U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin to leave. 

Dear Editor,

Left, Right, Center, Democrat, Independent, and Republican – all must be on guard in defense of our freedoms. The First Amendment is always under threat from places high, low, and surprisingly just ordinary.

For example, at the 8th Annual All About Down Town Street fair this past weekend, I and fellow volunteers, who decided to take to the streets wearing t-shirts and holding fliers supporting Senate Candidate Bob Hugin, were repeatedly told we had to leave by an organizer of the street fair.

The organizer told us several times that we did not have a right to be there, that we could not talk with people, that we could not hand out fliers, and that we could not stay even if we ceased talking to people as long as we continued wearing our shirts, which had Hugin’s name on it.

Undeterred, and because the street fair was on public streets and an event open to the public, we ignored the organizer.

Upon return, said organizer refused to listen when I explained that in a public place paid for by tax dollars that every single American has both the right of assembly and the right to
free speech.

The organizer then told us to stay put as she was getting the police, which I informed her
was a wonderful idea.

Though the organizer did not return (I stayed in the same spot for a half an hour, talking to people about Hugin, and waiting for her and the police), it is chilling that some people have
the illiberal misconception that they can shut down speech just because they personally disagree.

The All About Down Town Street Fair was an amazing time where people enjoyed good food, imbibed good drink, perused interesting wares, and heard great music.

All the organizers, including the one who attempted to stifle free speech, should be applauded for the event they created.

It was also a place I and slightly over a dozen people from varying causes exercised our first amendment rights by handing out fliers and talking about substantive issues.

Whether it was Mayor Fulop, shaking hands and talking politics; people campaigning for Jersey City School Board candidates; or myself and my fellow volunteers, who decided to spread the word about Hudson County native son, Bob Hugin, there is a societal positive and important moral in upholding the freedom of speech.

Legal aspects aside, it’s time more people remembered that better than attempting to shut down someone you disagree with, is using your free speech rights to explain and discuss your differing opinions.

Joshua Einstein
Hoboken Republican Committee Secretary

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  1. This is the most absurd article I’ve read in quite some time. Having been an event organizer in the past, I can attest that politics have no place at these events. It is not a political rally, it is a place for people to “eat, drink and be merry” and support the local businesses. This is event in particular is paid for by the local businesses who pay an assessment to be wihtin the downtown corridor as well as dozens of sponsors that pay a lot of money to be part of something so great. Political rhetoric has no place there whether you are there in support of a native from Hudson county or there to support the very President himself. I saw you there and found your presence more annoying than this article.

    • Look, another uneducated fool who has absolutely zero concept about the First Amendment! Where do you think Thomas Paine distributed his pamphlets. Oh sorry, you probably don’t have a friggin clue who Thomas Paine even is! Look him up! SMH.

      Unreal. The Wikileaks emails between the Hillary campaign talking about how they like to keep her voters stupid and uneducated was deadly serious. I give you Exhibit A above.

      We literally have Antifa loving anti-Americans who have no concept whatsoever about the Constitution and the right to political speech in the public square.

  2. Time for Einstein to grow up. All this loser does is complain,complain,and complain some more. He should actually try to do something with his life other than walk dogs and write stupid op-eds. Time to grow up kid.