LETTER: Jen Watterman will ‘make progressive change’ as Jersey City NAACP prez


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Demetrius Terry says that Jen Watterman will “make progressive change” if elected as the new president of the local chapter of the NAACP.

Jen Watterman. Facebook photo.
Jen Watterman. Facebook photo.

Dear editor,

Jen Watterman should be the next President of the NAACP- Jersey City Branch – as the branch needs some fresh new young blood, and she has the fire in her to make progressive change.

As many know, she is very active with the NAACP going to State and Federal Conferences, as she is taking notes of what other branches are doing around. There is no doubt, the Jersey City Branch has continued to fail black and brown skin in our city.

She’s young, energetic, well-informed, has connections, and that is what the branch needs. In regards to her being Councilwoman Watterman’s daughter, Jen has made it obvious she has no problem going against something her mother supports which speak volumes.

Unfortunately, I have never been involved or active with the NAACP because I saw no need as they were not investing any resources in my community.

If you are a registered NAACP member in Jersey, on Wednesday, November 30th, please vote for A New Voice, A New Vision, and A New Victory for Our Community; Vote Jen Watterman for President.

I believe she will finally get millennials involved with the branch which will have a great impact on the South side of Jersey City. I am looking forward to becoming a new member. Let’s go, Jen!

Demetrius M. Terry

Executive VP College Democrats of NJ

* Opinions are not those of the College Democrats of NJ or its board members; nor are they the specific views of anyone affiliated with the College Democrats of NJ

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