LETTER: Hoboken Councilman Cohen is the best choice for the 5th Ward


In a letter to the editor, Marla and Steven Mendelsohn give their take on why Hoboken Councilman Phil Cohen is the best choice for the 5th Ward.

Hoboken 5th Ward Councilman Phil Cohen. Facebook photo.

Dear Editor,

We are longtime Hoboken residents who are proudly supporting Phil Cohen for re-election to the City Council. Phil is our long-time neighbor who has given much of his time and energy to serving our community.

Last year, when we needed Phil’s help, he stepped up and delivered.
Hoboken residents know that parking can be a real problem. We consider ourselves lucky, because we live in an apartment building with a garage!

However, for months and months, we had been dealing with the problem of random drivers who used our driveway as a great parking space, effectively depriving all residents of our Bloomfield Street building with access into or out of the garage.

We repeatedly called the city parking authority and got NO help. Then we called Phil Cohen.

Within 24 hours, Phil got the city to investigate the situation and the city installed white posts adjacent to the garage exit, addressing the problem once and for all.

One year later, our building’s garage remains accessible 24/7 and the residents of the garage all appreciate Phil’s efforts on our behalf.

Please join us and vote 3E to support re-electing Phil Cohen. A representative who truly works for his constituents.

Marla and Steven Mendelsohn

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  1. After months and months of asking City Hall to do their job.SMH.
    Unfortunately the Bhalla administration is well known for not respond to ordinary residents problems
    I guess when one of their own makes a call they actually can do their job.

  2. When a large numbers of Hoboken and Fifth Ward residents needed help and asked Phil Cohen to stand up and
    speak out against the placement of cannabis stores where they and their families live, he betrayed them only to repeatedly recite the talking points of a political agenda that would be beneficial to his own career.

    • When the Bhalla admin wanted to place the municipal garage in an established residential neighborhood adjacent to the NW Park, Cohen betrayed his 5th Ward constituents by supporting the plan. Later, Cohen betrayed those same constituents a second time by purposing a tax assessment against only the northwest residents to fund infrastructure for the NW Park which benefits all. We don’t forget and we will not support Cohen.

  3. OMG!! The TeRrIeR fLYeR!!! Yup yup yup, right up there with Hillary’s emails and Hunter’s laptop for basement dweller “pleasure” material.

    Go on. Maybe wash your hands when you’re done.

  4. Not sure what all this means, but has the rat infestation been cleaned up yet? Has the NY Waterway “Over My Dead Body” Project been sent back to Weehawken yet? Has the Mayor decided whether he is running for Congress so all his party guests know where they will sit once the music stops? Forget about Hunter Bidens laptop – this City needs help – quickly.

  5. We stepped in it now, Rav! Call me when you have a chance.

    Your buddy gold bar Bobby is going to take me down!

    But I just want to make sure you are good because Hoboken is full of gullible woke idiots and you still have your puppet Phil and mayor Emily locking down Hoboken Mommies group and such. Let’s get Amardeep to connect with George though because we can’t lose NJ.

    I’m going down, but try to hide how connected we are with your trips to DC and – or course – the fliers we did in 2017.

    Call me. Use the burner phones of course.