LETTER: ‘Either address the needs of [Hoboken] or step aside so someone else can’


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken 1st Ward council candidate Paul Presinzano reacts to former Mayor Dawn Zimmer calling out Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and her successor Ravi Bhalla about the progress of Rebuild by Design.

Paul Presinzano. Screenshot via YouTube.

Dear Editor,

It should not come as a surprise to anyone. Hoboken’s community is yet again a sacrificial lamb. Mayor Zimmers’s critique of her hand-picked successor is what many have been saying for some time now.

Ribbon cutting and headline grabs are the status quo, while the citizens are duped with a smoke screen, and the Mayors Agenda is quietly perused.

First, it was the bowing down to the Mayor of Union City when it came to the height of a building in the northwest.

Now, it appears Rebuild by Design has been held up due to the Mayor of Jersey City and Mayor Bhalla’s political aspirations. What’s next?

The Mayor of Weehawken forces Hoboken to house NY Waterway forever? I firmly believe that when someone runs for office, their first concern must be the residents of their town, and everything else is second.

Good leaders should strive for higher office. However, an elected official must put their constituents first and make sure their needs are taken care of.

In Hoboken, we have a rat crisis, flooding issues, and infrastructure needing an upgrade while leadership looks to jump ship. It’s time we, Hoboken, demand more from our elected officials. They answer to us, not the other way around.

We have an opportunity to send a strong message in the election on Tuesday: either address the needs of our city, or step aside so someone else can.

Paul Presinzano
Hoboken 1st Ward council candidate

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  1. Mayor has confirmed what many Hoboken residents have felt for a while that Mayor Ravi Bhalla has been more concerned in advancing his own political career than the real needs of the people of Hoboken.

  2. I heard backstory from a friend about the building in the NW that’s really shocking. If true, it’s way worse than you think. My source is honest, well connected and really reliable but they don’t want to get involved. Sadly the truth may never come out.

    • Don’t know the backstory but for Dawn Zimmer to come out and charge Ravi Bhalla with betraying this project, it’s very serious. She wouldn’t want to admit her mistake in handing the baton to what many warned: Ravi is not the person to entrust with mayoral powers.

  3. Presinzano is running for one-ninth of Hoboken’s legislative body, not Mayor. So what’s with the toothless threats? Presinzano is a full of hyperbole, he takes broad swipes at who he doesn’t like in pithy sound bites, but try to get him on policy positions, how/what policies he will “correct” and he’s a veritable deer in the headlights. Negative campaigns don’t usually convince informed voters. For example, Presinzano told Patch he didn’t “know enough” about BoE candidates to have an opinion but he would “learn” about them… meanwhile, most of them are long-term serving incumbents! Paul is dishonest, not too bright, and does not deserve to rep the First Ward. Another empty suit like DeFusco. Who writes his stuff? Al Benninghoff, his paid flack.

    • It’s a shame that the Mayor’s employees are writing crap during working hours. I thought you would have moved on after moving out of town and getting married.

    • Ravi Bhalla put his personal political agenda ahead of protecting Hoboken from another catastrophe like superstorm
      Sandy. The recent NewYork Times exposed the revelation.

      The Mayor’s Administration have been silent his City Council Team has remained silent in an apparent attempt to coast past the elections on Tuesday.

      Why is Bhalla keeping the redevelopment study he initiated for the Police HQ from the public. Again silence.

      Why is the Bhalla Administration hiding their $8,5 million dollar ask for purchasing two buildings net to the Fire HQ.? Again silence.

      Installing yet another Bhalla rubber stamp on the City Council vote in not good for Hoboken.

      Presinzano is the better choice.