LETTER: Einstein should resign from New Jersey Republican State Committee


In a letter to the editor, attorney Eric Dixon says that New Jersey Republican State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein should resign in light of recent controversy.

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Dear Editor,

Hudson County View recently ran a column by Hudson County’s current Republican state committeeman, Joshua Einstein, in which he rationalized away his manipulative behavior (to put it mildly) of a young woman when he was a younger adult.

The details are disgusting and do not deserve repetition.

Emotional manipulation of others, at any age but certainly once you are an adult, is not acceptable. Sexual exploitation is even worse.

Einstein’s admissions of abhorrent and deliberately harmful behavior are inexcusable even for a man in his late 20s (his age when he admits this conduct occurred).

These are not mere opinions. These are judgments. And these are perspectives.

Party positions, and elected offices, are not meant to be vehicles for personal career ambition or ego self-gratification.

They involve a moral authority and responsibility upon community leaders to discharge it.

While wrongdoers should be praised for recognizing the error of their ways, it is important these texts and underlying aberrant behavior were not revealed voluntarily. This is relevant when considering whether contrition is genuine and forgiveness is warranted.

True contrition does not demand forgiveness, or involve excuses, rationalizations and accusations that others’ improprieties are worse (even if true).

Moreover, forgiveness does not demand that the forgivers (that is, the public) prove their righteousness by subsequently endorsing the wrongdoer.

There is being sorry, and then there is being sorry one got caught.

Civic responsibilities command us not to forgive the errant, but to judge those who ask to lead. Our responsibilities are not to those who seek to satisfy their ambition, but to those who seek our counsel as neighbors and concerned citizens.

Elected leaders and party officials serve the community, not the other way around. Our duty is to judge whether someone is of suitable character and competence to lead.

For too long our political culture has been dominated by the worst among us, instead of the best. We should — we must — be asking, “Is this the best we can do?”

Our state, and our nation, have suffered too much from the kakistocracy of elected officials whose abusive behavior, which two decades ago would have earned rapid condemnation, now is seen a prerequisite for electoral viability.

Recent years should be painful reminders of what happens when we select leaders because their obvious flaws make us feel better about ourselves. Let’s stop being selfish, start being adults and ask the hard question.

When we are unhappy with our politics, we need only look in the mirror.


Eric Dixon
North Bergen resident

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  1. Stick it up your *** North Bergen and the corrupt sellout machine you rode in on.
    Kid made some personal mistake in his personal life and apologized. Move on. Isn’t going to help the weak, feeble local Republicans who don’t fight for anything but a few crumbs from the bigger corrupt Dem machine.

  2. This guy is from North Bergen and he fails to see the IRONY, of his indignation? You have a sitting Mator who’s offices have been raided by the FBI, and who has been ruling NB for decades. Are you for real? This opinion “piece of s***” can be scrapped.
    BTW, he was not representing anyone, but his stupid young self, when he made the remarks. He was a kid who learned from others older than him.