LETTER: Education Matters ‘will be the voices to move Jersey City Public Schools forward’


In a letter to the editor, teacher Diane MacKay says that the “Education Matters” board of education team “will be the voice to move Jersey City Public Schools forward.”

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Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of voting for the Education Matters Team on Nov. 3 or when you complete your mail in ballot.

I have just started my 21st year in the Jersey City Public Schools. I have attended Board Meetings monthly for 10 years. I have been an avid speaker in defense of school funding, wasteless spending, and over testing of students.

Having seen many board members come and go, I can assure you, Gina Verdibello, Lorenzo Richardson, and Lekendrick Shaw are in it for the best interest for the students.

Not only has Lorenzo Richardson been an outspoken advocate for students in the poorest parts of the district, he also works closely with the State School Board. He is no stranger to understanding students deserve so much more than just a score on a test.

I have seen Lorenzo advocate first hand and speak openly about the need for equity in school funding and education in the district.

Gina Verdibello is a mom of 3 public school students. She, also, has spoken publicly at the board meetings before becoming a board member. She advocated tirelessly, and continues to do so, for safe facilities throughout the district.

Gina provides a voice that is needed on the board focusing on the needs of the parents throughout the district. She personally takes the time out of her busy daily schedule to make sure the buildings our students walk into every day are safe, clean, and secure.

Gina has also been a strong voice in assuring every student get fresh, healthy meals for both breakfast and lunch. She is someone both parents and educators feel comfortable reaching out to when something is needed for the students.

Lekendrick Shaw brings a young, refreshing voice to the board. It is always a proud moment when teachers get to see success stories of their former students.

Although Lekendrick is not a former student of mine, just seeing him succeed as a young entrepreneur, having come up through the Jersey City Public Schools shows the hard work of the educators have paid off.

He is a positive model for many students in the district. He is what is needed to guide the future of the Public Schools forward. He is a small business owner in Jersey City, and he has the respect of district teachers and community residents.

I can continue and on why it is imperative our students have strong leadership on the Board of Education. This past year has shown us unprecedented times and situations for both students and teachers.

Lorenzo, Gina, and Lekendrick have been guiding the reopening of school in the right direction. They continue to visit the facilities to make sure, when we go back, your children and the staff that teach them are entering safe and clean buildings.

As an educator, I urge you to exercise your voice and vote. Fill in the circles for 1i, 2i, and 3i. Please listen to the voices of the educators, the ones with your children each day.

Lekendrick, Gina, and Lorenzo will be the voices to move Jersey City Public Schools forward. They will do this because to them and the 4,000 educators: Education Matters.


Diane MacKay
Jersey City teacher

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