LETTER: Don’t settle for the status quo, give Jersey City Ward C Councilman Boggiano the boot


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Igor D. LaManna explains why Ward C voters should not settle for the status quo and give Councilman Boggiano the boot tomorrow.

Photo via jerseycitynj.org.

Dear Editor,

The campaign for Ward C council person has been very spirited. Some have decided to back Rich Boggiano in the election because they knew him from the Hilltop Association or from the days when he worked out of the Second Precinct.

Frankly speaking, the Rich Boggiano of decades past is nothing like the Rich Boggiano of today. Back then, Rich Boggiano was a straight shooter. Today, Rich Boggiano is nothing more than a submissive Fulop rubber stamp.

The election on 2 November was a referendum on Rich Boggiano’s suitability to continue as Ward C councilman; and, as we know, the voters of Ward C handed Rich Boggiano a resounding, thunderous vote of no confidence.

It is crystal clear that the people of Ward C demand an independent voice represent them in the council chambers, and not some cog in the mayor’s machine that kowtows to City Hall.

Additionally, it is readily apparent that the citizens of Ward C want progressive change, something that Rich Boggiano, being a member of “Team Fulop,” simply cannot deliver; and, if re-elected, has no intention of delivering.

Some have been moved to support Rich Boggiano only because his former rival, Tom Zuppa, has endorsed him. I cannot see why that is the case; Tom Zuppa is a hypocrite.

In his video, Tom Zuppa claims that he decided to run for office because he wanted to do something about long time residents being forced to leave Jersey City because they can no longer afford to live in this city.

And then he endorses Boggiano, a member of the political organization tightly associated with developers; and, as such, primarily responsible for those long time residents being forced to leave Jersey City.

I urge the voters of Ward C to not be swayed by this temporary alliance of convenience between Rich Boggiano and Tom Zuppa.

In the end, casting ballots for Rich Boggiano, only because Tom Zuppa or some other politician supports him, equates to “settling” for Rich Boggiano and the status quo; and, as clearly indicated by the results of 2 November, that would be unacceptable.

Rich Boggiano has displayed all the traits and characteristics of an insecure loser. Specifically, Rich Boggiano was the first to spew venom at the Ward C debate by claiming developers supported his opponent’s campaign.

Despite the benefit of vast resources, Boggiano failed to secure a first ballot win on November 2 against two relatively unknown opponents.

Boggiano’s camp posted a YouTube video spuriously claiming that Kevin Bing paid a “homeless man” to take down Boggiano campaign signs. Rich Boggiano continues to use “scare tactics,” claiming that his opponent will take away their parking spaces, if elected.

Recently, the Mayor wrote a letter to the editor of local newspapers supporting Rich Boggiano; the mayor never did that for the other candidates who ran on his ticket.

Rich Boggiano is a master of deception, misinformation, and Trump-like demagoguery, and these are all the traits of an insecure loser.

I sincerely recommend that the people of Ward C vote for Kevin Bing on 7 December. Kevin Bing will be Ward C’s independent voice on the council, and he will deliver forward-thinking progressive change to – and for – Ward C.

Sincerely yours,
Igor D. LaManna

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