LETTER: Despite what HCDO chair says, Dems have ‘disgusting’ discourse in presidential race


In a letter to the editor, New Jersey State GOP Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein says that despite what the chair of the local Democratic party recently said, only their party has shown “disgusting” discourse in relation to the presidential race.

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein. Facebook photo.

Dear Editor,

Hudson County Democrat Chairwoman Amy DeGise is once again attacking President Trump.

In a November 5 piece on Hudson County View, DeGise calls Republican efforts to certify the safety and security of the vote as “disgusting.” (Note: DeGise called Trump’s voter fraud claims “disgusting.”)

If using a few weeks to ensure every legal vote is counted (and ones cast illegally are not) is, as Democrats say, “undermining” the results of an election that has not yet been
certified, what would todays Democrats say of their efforts to delegitimize the 2016 election?

During that time – over 4 years long, Democrats led the nation down a wild goose chase with at least one falsified warrant application and a never corroborated document paid for by Democrat operatives as their only “evidence.”

Yet now they pretend to care about what they falsely claim are attempts to “delegitimize” an election. Moreover, whether DeGise, her party on the national level or in its municipal
incarnations – the Democrats have never stopped pretending that Stacey Abrams won the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race.

DeGise, like the county machine organization she sits atop and state and national party she is an accomplice to, is intellectually dishonest.

On their persistent race baiting, the Democrats see that the law of diminishing returns means they are getting less bang for their buck from their go-to accusation that everyone who dissents from their ever changing “policy” positions is racist, sexist, homophobic,
xenophobic, and anti-Semitic.

Indeed, President Trump doubled his share in the Black women’s vote, increased his share with Black men, grew both the vote percentages of Hispanic and Jews across the nation, and had the support an unprecedented number of gay men.

Add to the fact that minority groups across the board are standing up and saying to both parties that they are not owned by anyone nor owe anything to either party, is the fact that the much hyped “blue wave” resulted in something more akin to left wing “blue balls.”

Democrats failed to take the Senate and lost seats in the House of Representatives.

In New Jersey, Governor Feckless Phil Murphy and Presidential-also-ran Senator Corey
Booker, of which DeGise is a political vassal, were forced to play defense in a number of Democrat controlled House seats, and helped kill what little power and magic remains of the surname Kennedy (as Congressman Van Drew, the Democrat-cum-Republican easily won re-election against Amy Kennedy).

That election night was not the victory Democrats, like DeGise, pretend it was, can be debated by honest people of good will. But the simple fact that every allegation of voter fraud and the unequal treatment of voters should be investigated, cannot.

Every legal vote must be counted, while those cast illegally should be ferreted out and cast aside. Democrats know this, but the reason they pretend everyone must immediately bend the knee and proclaim Biden president is because they know how tenuous their position (due to the previously mentioned losses) is.

Of course DeGise knows voter fraud exists – so many people in Hudson County knows of someone who has been “accidentally” registered as a different party, received multiple vote by mail ballots (even before mandatory mail in ballots this election), or knows of Hudson County’s storied history as a place people are buried in order to remain active voters in the afterlife.

Moreover, Hudson County is home to Democrat operative Lizaida Camis, who amongst others, in 2019 plead guilty to voter fraud, and was part and parcel of a vote bribery
scheme that allegedly included tampering with mail in ballots in an unknown number of elections.

DeGise, Governor Feckless Phil Murphy, and other Democrats pretend voter fraud is something that can never happen, but Hudson County and commonsense New Jerseyans know better.

Residents can see that the party that spent 4 years delegitimizing the president, allegedly investigating collusion with nothing to show for it, and that now inexplicably stand against ensuring the election was safe and secure is the only partisan side engaged in behavior befitting of the label disgusting.

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein
New Jersey State GOP Committeeman

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  1. A quarter of a million dead from COVID-19
    An economy in shambles (after being handed one of the strongest comebacks in American history)
    Bowing and scraping to dictators across the globe
    Encouraging white supremacists

    Clean up your own party, Josh. Maybe then you can talk with the adults.

  2. Definition of SORE LOSER: “fraud” where Dems won, no “fraud” on ballots that GOP candidates won. Keep stalling, crybaby. Keep fighting for the guy cages brown kids after separating them from their parents. Your party is in shambles. Go Joe and Kamala!

    • The Dems did not win and Joe Biden didn’t win anything except a pile of ChiCom cash!

      The House is almost flipped and the Republican hold the Senate. Yet, somehow Joe Biden claims to have done better than Hillary and Obama in the suspicious votes in the dead of night pouring in from Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Atlanta.

      Yeah, that’s not going to work. No need to be upset about the cages Obama built. The Wall is over 400 miles long now and no cages are needed!

      So, now we await the further humiliation of the disgusting Dems and their criminality led by ChiCom Joe & Mistress Kamala.


      Oh, a mountain of evidence is coming out now about the massive, systematic fraud:

      • Grandpa, you have two records in your ward. You believe in the most conspiracy theories. You have to change pajamas most often. Yelling at the TV when you’re eating gave you the second record. But keep blowing that dog whistle! Good boy! The nurse is on her way with fresh linens.