LETTER: Bayonne’s ‘troubled school board’ erred in electing same pres., VP


In a letter to the editor, Bayonne resident John Cupo says that the city’s “troubled school board” made a mistake in naming the board president and vice president to another term. 

John Cupo

Dear Editor,

We review history so going forward, the same mistakes are not made.

With all the trouble we have experienced within the now elected board, the board re-elects the same two people at the top position for chairman and vice-chairman.

In my opinion, the only chance we have are the two newly elected board members, who were not part of the past mistakes.

John Cupo

Bayonne resident


Editor’s Note: Joe Broderick was reappointed as Bayonne BOE president, with Denis Wilbeck remaining the board vice president, at last Tuesday’s meeting. Cupo has unsuccessfully ran for school board three times now. 

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