Bayonne Mayor Davis, Jersey City Mayor Fulop exchange punches over Katyn memorial


The proposed temporary removal of a memorial to the victims of a 1940 Polish massacre in Jersey City has led to a tense exchange between Mayor Steven Fulop and Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis. 

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The Polish-American community has always been an important part of Bayonne and I’m proud of the fact that our team has consistently taken time to honor our Polish residents at events like the Pulaski Day Parade, Polish Independence celebrations and more,” Davis said in a statement.

“I’ve been following the controversy around the Katyn Memorial Statue in Jersey City, and it’s surprising to see the city take this action without consulting the community that statue is meant to honor. If Jersey City doesn’t want the memorial any more, as Mayor I would be proud to have it at one of our many of our wonderful parks, maybe at Rutkowski Park which is named in honor of one of Bayonne’s most prominent Polish-American leaders.”

The Katyn memorial has been a fixture at Exchange Place since 1991 and the possibility that it may be moved during plaza renovations has made Fulop the target of many unhappy Twitter users.

Through social media, he was happy to fire back at Davis, quoting legendary rapper Tupac Shakur and accusing the neighboring mayor of “last minute pandering” ahead of Tuesday’s election.

Fulop has not endorsed anyone ahead of Tuesday’s municipal elections in Bayonne, though  this is the second time in the past month that he has been involved in a conflict with the Davis administration.

In April, Fulop drew the ire of three Bayonne council members for jokingly tweeting “if it’s from Bayonne leave it alone” in response to a lawsuit over the short-lived “Bayonne box” demolition ban.

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