Latest Hoboken 1st Ward fracas has DeFusco, Pagan-Milano squaring off over public pool


The latest 1st Ward fracas in Hoboken revolves around the competing municipal garage plans, both of which include a public pool, introduced by incumbent Mike DeFusco and challenger Migdalia Pagan-Milano.

Rendering courtesy of the Mike DeFusco for Hoboken City Council campaign.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“This proposal for a municipal pool and recreation facilities on top of a city-owned garage makes the best use of our limited city space and resources, and is an option that will well serve our first ward residents. I look forward to exploring this major quality of life upgrade for our City,” Pagan-Milano said in a statement released yesterday.

The garage is located at 215 Hudson St. in Downtown Hoboken and is commonly referred to as Garage D.

While this idea seemed to be about as uncontroversial as things are going to get during a Mile Square City election cycle, DeFusco announced earlier today that he has “successfully secured funding to conduct an engineering study to begin making necessary repairs to the Hudson Street municipal garage.”

His concept of a rooftop pool and community garden can be seen above and the councilman said he plans on holding public meetings as the project moves forward.

He was dismissed Pagan-Milano’s plan as an “irresponsible” one that could “negatively impact the quality of life” since professionals and residents were not consulted.

Team Bhalla spokesman Rob Horowitz shot back that DeFusco is “the king of shoddy not well-thought through proposals with plenty of flash, but usually little, if any, substance.”

He added that if elected councilwoman, Pagan-Milano would certainly consult with professionals and constituents.

The Hoboken municipal elections are on November 5th.

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  1. We’ve seen this act before. If you believe anything that comes out of Defusco’s mouth during election season, I’ve got some wonderful beachfront property in Wyoming I’d love to sell you.

  2. Is a City Councilperson any City Councilperson legally authorized to solicit funding to conduct engineering studies on City owned property? I do not think so. if they solicit funding any study done especially during an election study would be considered an in kind political contribution and should appear on their ELEC report.

    Perhaps it is a result of poor Photoshop skills but the rendering shows a pool far too small to be of any real effectiveness to be used as one open for public use.

    • So he can’t propose an idea with a plan for community consideration? Why, because it didn’t come from Ravi Bhalla? Or do we only have to listen to ideas from the mayor’s office and his New England based campaign spokesman who speaks for all his council candidates? No thanks!

  3. Where’d you secure this funding from? Name names. Who are they and do they want contracts in Hoboken? Gonna make that happen Mikey?

    “DeFusco announced earlier today that he has “successfully secured funding to conduct an engineering study to begin making necessary repairs to the Hudson Street municipal garage.”

  4. Councilpeople have llittle ability to generate unilateral accomplishments – they are a single vote on a 9 member body that itself has very limited power in our strong Mayor system.

    DeFusco can propose ideas and advocate for them but the only way he can actually accomplish anything other than obstructing the Mayor is by working with the Mayor – and he has dedicated his entire council career to working against the mayor – first Zimmer and then Bhalla.

    He basically has consciously chosen to accomplish absolutely nothing because he believes constant bluster meant to establish himself as the leader of the opposition is more likely to help him fulfill is personal ambitions that creating a record of actual accomplishment.

    We’ve seen this strategy before and it didn’t work well for example Councilwoman Mason.

    It’s really strange that Fisher, Giattino and Cunningham, having experienced the Mason years, nevertheless chose to climb on to the DeFusco train wreck, but bitterness makes people do strange things sometimes.

    • Speaking of bitterness…. Stan and Dawn still meddling in the background after their “forced” departure from a 3rd term sure tried to take credit during THEIR 2 year tenure on the council.

      What is true is a Mayor can do very little without support of a Council majority

  5. I live in the building above where they are proposing a pool and basketball courts – they are out of there minds. These plans will have people looking right into our apartments and destroy the quality of life here. I’d love to put a public basketball court or pool right outside of their windows. I’m really concerned about security and the level of noise we will have to deal with.

    • Migdalia shouldn’t talk about pools or else she will be asked to explain how she gets a FREE pool at Marineview. Open the Marine View pool to the Taxpayers who own it!
      Migdalia told a guy who lives across from MV in regards to list jumping ” That’s just how it is sir… “