June 7 primary races for Congress, sheriff look uneventful in Hudson


Just six days prior to the filing deadline for the June 7 primary races for the District 8 congressional seat and sheriff elections, things are shaping up to be pretty uneventful in Hudson County. Albio-Schillari

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8), who has served in Congress since November 2006, will be facing off with former Elizabeth Committeeman Eloy Delgado – in a matchup where the incumbent, a former West New York mayor and state Assembly Speaker, will undeniably have a massive advantage.

On his campaign website, Delgado, who favors U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) in the presidential race,  appears to be taking the everyman approach to try and entice voters to give him a chance.

“I am passionate about social justice and reform. As a young progressive Democrat, I have been fortunate to benefit from policies that allowed me to enter the middle class. I don’t owe anyone any favors and I don’t take money from special interest groups,” he wrote.

“I believe the middle class needs to be represented by someone who is middle class. I cannot afford to quit my job nor do I have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in this campaign. What I do have is a passion to represent and advocate for the needs our residents.”

The District 8 congressional seat includes the vast majority of Hudson County, Belleville, part of Newark, Fairview and Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari will be running with the support of all 12 county mayors, which has been announced at various local Democratic fundraisers, though it may not matter until the November 8th General Election.

“I am going to be filing for the primary [election] and I will be the Republican candidate for sheriff,” Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Det. Mark Borchert told Hudson County View over the phone this afternoon.

Borchert announced his intentions to unseat Schillari back in July, calling for more patrols on county roads.

In response, a campaign spokesman for Schillari touted “the first ever 24/7 patrol program that provides round-the-clock protection with substantial reductions in overtime that saved taxpayer dollars.”

Additionally, Hudson County Register is up for grabs this year and the Hudson County Democratic Organization has all but confirmed they will be throwing their support behind Jersey City Ward F Councilwoman Diane Coleman – who will not be seeking re-election in 2017.

The current register, Pamela Gardner, is not expected to challenge Coleman in the primary, though Hudson County Supervisor of Elections Hilda Rosario said that no petitions for nomination have been submitted for any local office as of this morning.

In what appears to now be an annual event, the HCDO will officially endorse their candidates at a press conference at the Brennan Courthouse, located at 583 Newark Ave. in Jersey City, Monday at 4 p.m.

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  1. One vote here from WNY for Eloy Delgado. Its time for Albio Sires to go!!!

    WNY became a sewer under his Leadership as Mayor and a total POS as Congressman. He Lives in Florida for one.

    Albio you Suck!

    NO Vote for Albio Sires.