Poll: Do you consider last week’s Prisoner Reentry Conference a success?


Gov. Chris Christie (R), Rev. Al Sharpton, ex-Judge Alex Napolitano, and many others, attended last week’s 3rd annual Prisoner Reentry Conference in Jersey City. Did you consider the event a success?Prisoner reentry conference


The event, which featured a panel between Sharpton, Napolitano and ex-Gov. Jim McGreevey (D), now the executive director of the Jersey City Employment and Training Program, also had ex-offenders speak about their trials and tribulations relating to past arrests and/or being released from prison.

Additionally, some broke down in tears when discussing getting their second chance in society at St. Peter’s University’s Mac Mahon Student Center.

Coincidentally, after one South Jersey business owner called for expungement reforms, Christie stated that changes in that realm could be coming to The Garden State sooner than later.

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